Building your Online Business: How a VA Completes the Jigsaw Puzzle

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Building your Online Business: How a VA Completes the Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that the internet has revolutionized and transformed the way we do business today. The connectivity and speed offered by the internet has made this world smaller and has brought people from all over closer together.

But how closely has the internet helped change entrepreneurs?

It can definitely be very scary and/or stressful to jump out there with your product and/or service especially if you have the thought “What if I fail?” playing around in your mind.

So, here’s a little secret I’m letting out: All good things come to those who prepare well.

Nothing can beat the confidence of someone who really knows what exactly they are doing. This also applies to your business. The top-secret to growing and developing your business is to do your homework and be well armed and prepared with all the required information on your market and industry that can be produced by services like Internet research.

But it can be an extremely time-consuming and tedious job to sort through all the research reports and then to consolidate, aggregate, and mine that data for insights. This is where outsourcing Internet research by hiring a virtual assistant (VA) can save your valuable time.

Here’s how a VA can assist you to build and expand your online business:

  1. Conducting market research for your startup:
    • Sending out surveys to a large group of people covering a wide demographic data set (gender, age, etc.) and collecting the required data to prove that the problem your venture set out to resolve actually exists.
  1. Keeping an eye on your competitors:
    • Your VA can help beat competition by gathering information on their existing and yet-to-be launched products/services, their market perception, and devising ways to help you do things differently and innovatively.
  2. Planning ahead:
    • VAs with good online market research expertise have the tools and technology knowledge required to study trends and patterns and this can help your business gain significant early mover advantage by identifying opportunities early on. For instance, ig you are into an eCommerce business, your VA can place together a seasonal calendar planned a few months or a year in advance. Thereafter, the VA can help you gather and set-up resources required accordingly – marketing, sales, logistics, etc. This helps you to capitalize and exploit on high volume sales days with similarly high-quality customer experience.
  1. Establishing social media presence:
    • Making a pretty website, managing your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and sundry other accounts, and ensuring a thriving social media presence are all tasks you can comfortably delegate to VAs who are experts in social media management.
    • Finding out niche websites you can advertise on, hunting for blog writers in your space, finding affiliates to market your service, connecting with key influencers in your domain, etc.
  1. Keeping a track of everything (including your success):
    • Tracking whether the demographics of all your online audience matches your target market.
    • This is very important as it helps keep your business on track, and by using such tracking data, you can optimize your online spend as well as design new marketing strategies.

With the Internet at your fingertips, you can invent and build anything you want. So, what are you waiting for? Get online and see how Habiliss VAs can have you started right away!

  • James

    It looks simple to start with the help of VA like this. Awesome.

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