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Wondering if Habiliss can help you create more time and put first things first? Then, read on... you'll be surprised by just what we can do for you...



Someone to help you manage your time - schedules, bookings, managing engagements and co-ordinating all your tasks. All day, all week and all the year



  • Aashik did an amazing job with a recent complicated medical billing inquiry.

    I am so happy to be close to a resolution on the issue.

    Thank you, Aashik!

    By Anna

  • *** Rajesh Narasimhan *** It was a Pleasure working with Rajesh on my task of posting adds on craigslist.

    He was Very well spoken, polite, and comprehensive.

    By David

  • Vinoth,

    This is perfect. And thanks for the heads up on the pricing. All good.

    By Alex

  • That was brilliant, very comprehensive, thank you very much!


    Thank you!

  • Hi John, This is excellent, I'm very pleased.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best wishes

    Thank you so much! You're great!! I'm very happy. I look forward to working with you more in the future.

    Chris Bonney

  • Fantastic! This is perfect. Thanks so much for putting this together. It will be a great help for my trip.

    Thanks, John, We won!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gwelle Boissiere

  • You are amazing!!
    I really appreciate all your help.

First Things First

We provide lifestyle management and virtual assistant services to help you stay shipshape at all times. Making appointments, booking flights, even sending out flowers - we do all this and more. Or, you could use us for your work side of things (think about presentations, competitor analysis, web research).

Simply put, we are at your service 24/7/365.

Connect with us on Facebook and get a task done absolutely free!

  • Provide me with a list of business lunch ideas made out of: checken and lamb near the zipcode 10022.
  • Research some good, short classes in digital photography in Boston, MA that i can get my wife for our marriage Anniversary.
  • Research how a beginning piano player should choose and purchase his first piano.
  • Check if there is a transit hotel at Durban airport or if there is a lounge with fee/paying entry for AA members.
  • Car rental options from and to Charleston International Airport - pickup on September 7 and drop off on September 10.
  • Call up the nearest Office marts to my office address and check if they stock a range of file holders which can be delivered to my office.
  • Find me top rated headphone options (wireless and/or Bluetooth) for an iPhone.
  • Can you help me find the inexpensive virtual office space in the Denver Colorado, USA metropolitan area?

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What is Habiliss?

Habiliss offers Virtual Assistant (VA) services to help busy individuals like you get things done. From setting appointments to sending flowers to making phone calls for you, if it can be done online, Habiliss can do it.

Habiliss is a service carried out 100% online which means we aren't location-bound, in terms of whom we serve. The majority of our clients are based in US, UK and Australia but our services can be used pretty much worldwide.

What is the benefit of using a Virtual Assistant?
We have rich experience in virtual assistance and back office support services and we offer quality, cost-effective and timely delivery of services and solutions for a number of individuals and corporations. Our back office support services include a range of administrative support services such as email/ chat support, phone support/ offshore call centre, online product maintenance, billing/ invoice, account/ law services, travel agent support, BPO, sales and marketing services and offshore staffing.

Does my Virtual Assistant remain the same at all times?
In most cases, we try and ensure that the same Virtual Assistant works with you as long as you continue using us. However, in some cases this may not be possible. The Virtual Assistant plan you have chosen will also determine whether your VA remains the same. Our Pay as you go plan is task-based whereas the My Habiliss plan

Can I use Habiliss to carry out confidential tasks?
We are fully aware of the confidential nature of the data that the client trusts us with, which is why any tasks involving confidential information is provided to and accessible by only those team members that are carrying out your task. Our website as well as the Member login area is completely secured via a 256 bit SSL protection. Robust and timely backup processes are also in place to continuously maintain the data after production is complete, as per the client’s requirements.

Which Virtual Assistant plan should I choose?
Depending on how often you wish to utilise our service and whether you plan to use Habiliss for your personal or business needs, we have a range of plans to suit you. Please check the Virtual Assistant Plans and Prices page for more information.

I am looking for a data entry assistant to help collate contact, address, email and phone information from online sources. Do you offer this service?
You reached the right place, we can run a sample, upon confirmation, we can provide you an estimated quote and that’s how we can take it forward.

I need help with wedding planning. First, need help getting best rate for my guests at a hotel in New York. Then, need help with the guest list spreadsheet - e.g., to take the list and combine with my personal contacts list. Then, as time goes on, mail merge for save the date, keep track of RSVP, etc.
Your wedding day is your moment to shine! We can cover all the activities on your behalf while you can focus on being with your loved ones.

Do you have 20 hour per month option? Can I change hours per month as I go along?
Yes, we do offer customized plans which are tailored to suit your individual requirement. You can utilize a plan for one or two months and then take a call on changing the plan per your utilization.

Hi, do you have people experienced with Internet searches (google, duckduckgo, etc). I would expect the person to understand and use search syntax language (google or other) rather than running a simple search.
Our team is well versed with advanced Google search options like operators, advanced search form and special characters. We believe in constant learning to upgrade ourselves to meet new challenges.

Do I have an option to change my subscription plan?
Yes, you can anytime upgrade or downgrade your membership, in case of upgrade we will share with you the PayPal link for the remaining amount. In case of downgrade, we will have the additional payment extended to the future months.

How secure is the payment I would process for the plan I have opted?
All our payments are processed via PayPal which is a secured payment gateway and its been trusted globally by everyone since 1998.

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  • To carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and us.
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  • To notify you about changes to our service.

We will not use your personal information to send you unsolicited marketing communications by email or any other means without your consent.

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