Top Five Affordable Summer Destinations 2018

Top Five Affordable Summer Destinations 2018

Are you looking for an affordable summer vacation in 2018? Here is where you’ll know about the top five cheap summer getaways to visit this year.


Lake George, New York

Average airfare:$439

Average hotel night:$151

Cost to spend a week for two: $2,587

For those who wish to stay close to home, we have Lake George, New York, aka the southern gateway to the Adirondacks. Small town vibe, lush greenery and scenic nature of this location keep drawing people out of the hustle bustle of city life. Located on a 32-mile long lake of the same name, Lake George offers a variety of activities such as include steamboat excursions and ghost tours at the historicFort William Henry Museum(adults, $18). Try the 6-mile railbike tour and visit the Adirondack Brewery to taste their seasonal specialties such as cucumber beers and hefeweizens.


Mérida, Mexico

Average airfare:$414

Average hotel night:$74

Cost to spend a week for two: $2,018

Wall or no wall, Mexico is still special to American wanderlusts. What does the place not have to amuse, regale and relax you! Capital of Mexican state Yucatan, Merida features broad central plazas where music is played, historic churches such as San Ildefonso Cathedral and impressive art scene. Excursions to its UNESCO-listed archaeological sites, swimming in one of the region’s 6,000 freshwater sinkholes, a visit to 98-foot high Temple of Kukulcan or Reserva de la BiósferaRíaCelestún, a 146,000-acre wildlife reserve – you’re just spoilt for choices when it comes to enjoying Merida.


London, England

Average airfare:$774

Average hotel night:$228

Cost to spend a week for two: $4,629

Hotel costs are down 3% year over year, . A shopper’s heaven, a food-lover’s paradise, a history-lover’s dream, a financial and political center, London is a clear ‘no bore zone’.  Mostly known to be pricey, London can be cheap if you look for the right things. You can visit British Museum, Kensington Gardens, National Gallery, Tata Modern and a dozen institutions for free. History buffs that are willing to pay $30/head can visit Tower of London that holds a prison and the British crown jewels. For $26 you can explore the Churchill War Rooms. For those wish to be high spirited, there’s Gordon’s Wine Bar and Tube-themed Cahoots. Make sure London is on your travel itinerary this time.


Mallorca, Spain

Average airfare:$881

Average hotel night:$210

Cost to spend a week for two: $4,204

Beautiful beach coves, peaceful hill towns, beach clubs and nightlife – that’s Mallorca for you. The Spanish island has the imposing Catedral de Mallorca and the very inviting Marc Fosh, restaurant bearing the name of the Michelin-starred chef. The island is a favored holiday destination of Spain’s royal family and tops the list islands in Spain.


Singapore AKA “Asia for beginners”

Average airfare:$926

Average cost of hotel night:$168

Cost to spend a week for two: $3,877

A former British colony, Singapore is an independent city-state with rich history and geography that make for an interesting cultural mash-up. You will find mosques right next to Hindu and Taoist temples, get to hear four official languages apart from a multitude of other international tongues, and find the most delicious street food you’ve ever had. You could take the Southern Ridges Walk, a partially elevated trail, to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Singapore’s skyscrapers and nature. Or find tranquility in the midst of a bustling city by visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens, the city-state’s First UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden is home to over 1000 different orchid species. While Kayak says the airfares are down 13% and found that hotel prices are down 2%, making Singapore a preferred summer destination.

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