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Virtual assistants have started taking over the marketplace, and news media outlets have been documenting this meteoric rise. Outlets such as Good Morning America have featured the service on their talk show, focusing on how helpful a virtual assistant can be. The online magazine PC World has even featured Habiliss as a top provider of virtual assistants, saying that it could make small businesses seem larger.

KillerStartups, a site all about “the next big thing,” hailed Habiliss as a huge time saver, while Thrillist lauded the service for taking care of personal matters while you were focusing on issues in the office.


Perhaps the best review came from the Wall Street Journal. Four different virtual assistant services were tested, including Habiliss. The Wall Street Journal praised our services above the rest. For their test, they asked for instructions regarding email on a mobile device. Within an hour, they received a detailed explanation that was not simply ripped from a different website. Other praises included our security and the ability to mark certain requests as urgent. They were also impressed with the simplicity of the entire system.

VirtualAssistantAssistant.com, the number one trusted website for virtual assistant companies’ reviews, has listed Habiliss as one of the top lowest cost VA services in the market.

If these have piqued your interest in Habiliss, be sure to check out our services and pricing page. Whether you are looking for a dedicated assistant or just one to have on call as needed, you can find the perfect service with us at a fraction of the cost of an in-house assistant. Of course, this is just one of many reviews from sites all over the Internet. The other reviews can be read in full below.



“Stop worrying and start focusing on your career by enlisting the help of a VA from My Habiliss.”
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“Habiliss is a virtual assistant company in India that starts at just $10 a month. These are best suited for quick, small one-time projects.”
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“I have been using Habiliss’ services for about two years now, and I have to say this – consistency in quality and TAT has not changed even a bit even after the many changes they have been through, in these two year.”
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“I found Habiliss to be extremely useful for small tasks that I need to get done and don’t have time for – particularly web research, shopping, social network tasks, website promotion and things like that. They are very professional and accurate, and they are faster to respond to your task requests than any other service I tried.”
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“ I love the pricing flexibility of Habiliss, because they allow for you to pay per task, rather than on a project basis. For less than $100 you can get 10 hours of work. I used them for a long time and they were my go-to.”
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Good Morning America

“See how we fared against our competitors on Good Morning America”
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Wall Street Journal

“Excellent, quick and precise answers.”
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PC World

“Make your small business look bigger with Virtual Services”
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“Pro: Low cost. Habiliss charges a base rate of $10 for five tasks.”
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“The amount of time that can be saved through something like this is far from insignificant.”
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“……. and even buying loved ones flowers and gifts, followed thereafter by listening to your girlfriend yell over the phone for not knowing her size.”
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