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The idea of a virtual personal assistant is relatively new. As such, many people do not fully understand it, or have common queries about the service.

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Habiliss strives to make your life easier by providing virtual assistant services. We help busy individuals across the world manage their time and energy better by delegating their everyday tasks to us, both business and personal. We have experts in various verticals who can assist you on your specific requirements. Here is a list of sample tasks that we can do for you>>

Habiliss also provides Corporate Administrative Assistance to organizations. Click here to know more>>

The biggest factor in determining the best kind of assistant for you is the price. If you value expertise in a huge variety of fields while costing a fraction of the salary of an in-house assistant, then Habiliss is the right choice. You will save a ton of money while also saving time by having your assistant work only when you need them. And when you need an SEO blog written right after the finances are balanced, an in-house assistant may be hard-pressed to get that done for you in a timely manner.
You may think the perfect answer to this would be “Yes.” But when you have all different kinds of tasks that need to be completed, the fact that we rotate through different assistants for each job is hugely beneficial. If you do want to have the same assistant, at least for a while, you should choose the “My Habiliss” plan. That way, you will have the same assistant for at least the duration of your subscription.

The answer to this question depends completely on your needs. For instance, if you constantly need a helping hand or would like the same assistant for a while, one of the “My Habiliss” plans would be your best bet. If you have random odd jobs or would just like to have an assistant on standby for emergencies, the “Ezee go” plans are optimal. No matter what your choice is, you can be sure that you are paying a fraction of what you would pay for an in-house assistant. Check out our services and pricing page for more information.

Habiliss revolves around making sure you are getting the assistance you need. If you need to change your plan to suit your requirements, simply contact us and we will help you with it.
Tasks can be of any type, which do not require a physical presence & can be executed using a phone or computer. Please contact us to know how we can execute your tasks.
Our headquarters is located at Chennai, India.
We hire virtual assistants who are qualified in various fields to help assist a variety of requests from clients with expertise. Although, we ensure that all our VAs are fluent in English and well experienced in customer service.
No. There is no fee to join. You pay a monthly subscription fee as detailed on the sign-up page.
We send out a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of each task that you place, each time.
If we are unable to carry out a request due to factors outside our control (eg. restaurant booking date/time you requested is unavailable, online purchase of an item currently not in stock) then it would be classified as a chargeable task.
Yes! Now your unused hours / tasks (up to 30% of your total monthly plan) automatically rolls over to the next billing cycle.
Please find below the number of tasks / hours that are eligible to be carried over for each plan:

Ezee Go Plans

PlanTasksVaild till
Hab 51 task1 month
Hab 103 tasks1 month
Hab 206 tasks1 month
Hab 303 tasks1 month

Dedicated Assistant Plans

PlanHoursValid till
My Hab 103 hours1 month
My Hab 206 hours1 month
My Hab 4012 hours1 month
My Hab 8024 hours1 month
My Hab 16048 hours1 month
You can cancel the service at any time by e-mailing, calling, or unsubscribing via the Portal before your next billing cycle begins.
Unfortunately, unless you are on a corporate plan, services are provided on an individual basis and is non-transferable.
Yes. Habiliss has members from around the world and you can join us regardless of which country you live in. However, currently, we can only carry out task requests in English.
Once membership fees have been processed, we are unable to grant refunds. If you plan on discontinuing membership, please make sure you do so before the start of your next billing cycle. If you are not satisfied with the service in the first month of your subscription, you may cancel before the next cycle begins in order to get a refund, which will be provided on mutually agreed grounds only. The refund will be processed to the same medium through which payment was made with-in 5 working days. On special instances such as multiple payments made by mistake, we will refund the excess payment to the same medium through which payment was made within 5 working days.
Habiliss is unable to call premium or pay-per-minute numbers (e.g., 1-900 in the US and 0844, 0870, 0871, 09 in the UK).
A ‘request’ is defined as any task that you ask us to carry out for you. Each task should take not more than 15 minutes. If a task takes 30 minutes to complete, it will be accounted as 2 counts of a task.

Have more questions on virtual assistant services? Got a query for Habiliss? Ping us on our 24/7 Live Chat now!

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