10 tips to increase your website’s conversion rate

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10 tips to increase your website’s conversion rate

Website conversion rate is the single most important metric that can make or break an online campaign’s success. Strategies like content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO often focus on increasing traffic. What most marketers neglect is that increasing traffic is not the only way to increase ROI from digital campaigns. A more subtle technique and also one that guarantees long-term results is to increase conversion-rate instead.

So let’s say your website traffic is good but what would it mean if your website’s conversion rate lags behind? Though not simple, here are 10 proven tips for marketers to increase website conversion rates:

#1 Make your call-to-action unique and prominent: Whether it is your landing page, subscription form, or a ‘buy now’ call – make sure it is clearly visible on every single page of your website and that its design is not missed among the many other things your website talks about. Don’t intrude the user experience by loading pop-ups as soon as a visitor lands but think of creative ways to subtly and consistently reinforce your CTA.

#2 Accelerate the conversion process: If your conversion process takes longer than 30 seconds, it is highly likely that visitors will abandon it mid-way and leave. Make your registration/subscription/address-filling forms simple and to the point – do not ask too many personal details that often really don’t matter to business.

#3 Lure through visuals: Humans are wired to visualize faster, not read. In fact, 93% of all human communication is visual. Leverage the innate human need to visualize by adding visually-engaging how to videos that show users product usage, videos from satisfied customers,  behind the scenes stories that demonstrate company values and culture, etc.

#4 Drive urgency: Instead of the simple ‘Know more’ or ‘Visit Us’ kind of CTAs that bore users, use compelling content that drives a sense of urgency. Words such as ‘Reserve your seat’ or ‘Grab your copy now’ are more effective at initiating the desired action from users.

#5 Emphasize conversion elements in the website layout: Always keep opt-in forms, subscription forms and other conversion elements above the fold when designing websites. This ensures that users do not have to scroll down to find these elements and are able to convert easily.

#6 Show proof: Whether it is through testimonials or social proof such as displaying the number of blog readers, subscribers, and social media followers, humans need proof before they make a decision. User-generated testimonials have been shown to up conversion rates and revenues by up to 62% from every customer, per visit.

#7 Accelerate loading speed: Is your website too heavy to load and driving visitors away due to slow speed? Modern internet users have little patience and if a site does not load quickly and properly – both on mobile and desktop, they are likely to abandon it.

#8 Responsive UX and UI design: Mobile devices come in various sizes and to increase conversion rates, it is imperative that your website must be able to seamlessly and functionally load in all devices. Simple UI, clear designs, and impactful content can significantly help ensure a smooth UX.

#9 Keep checkout pages simple: Don’t insert links to other pages/information on checkout pages – there’s no point distracting a customer who has already made up his/her mind. Any additional information (new collection, return policy, etc.) can be inserted into the Thank You mailer you send to customers after they have placed their order.

#10 Test, optimize, repeat: A/B test your website pages for everything – from layout to language, color, images, videos, etc. Optimize the pages based on data insights gathered through A/B tests and validate tour finding by repeat testing.

Conversion rate optimization is a continuous process – one that requires diligent effort but also one whose results far outweigh the hard work.  If you would like expert recommendations and implementation on your website, take a look at our digital services here or ping us on live chat to know more.

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  • Fianna Joseph

    Interesting read every business should know about this to increase the ROI because digital campaigns are essential for business and it will surely help your business in achieving higher conversion rate.

  • Luke Wyatt

    Every website owner needs to focus on how to convert their visitors. There are many analytics to pay attention to when monitoring your overall marketing efforts or a specific marketing campaign. Whether you are adjusting your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) budgets or ROI on SEO campaigns, conversion rates are the most important factor when looking at the bigger picture. Conversion rates measure if your marketing efforts and ROI are actually working and how many leads you are converting into sales. These analytics can tell a business which areas of a campaign need to be adjusted and improved.

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