10 ways for efficient time management

//10 ways for efficient time management

10 ways for efficient time management

10 ways for efficient time management

As individuals of an ever pacing world, we constantly find ourselves trying to meet deadlines, addressing responsibilities that are unique to us, and more often than not trying to balance our personal and professional lives optimally. All we do is curse the lack of the most valuable asset, time. There are many generic ways to define your time and use it effectively.

How to manage time:

Time management strategy is not about comprehensively planning your schedule based on tasks and events. It is about eradicating or delegating habitual repetition of all things that might be a part of your continuous and unavoidable responsibilities, E.g. grocery shopping or finding out the best beginners piano to buy for your daughter’s first steps towards music. Such tasks can be accomplished efficiently if you have ‘well-informed’ knowledge on them or you will find yourself browsing through hundreds of useless websites before you find the one that provides the best information/product/service relative to what you’re looking for. These tasks do not require your undivided attention; therefore, they are delegative by nature. Retain only your informed-decision making prowess for such tasks and focus on other tasks that truly require your attention.

Catalyzing the speed of productivity for your ‘attention requisite’ tasks by obtaining ‘Virtual Assistance’ when needed is a wonderful aid for managing time.

Below are a few other guided tips and ways to manage time:

  1. Prioritize – Daily prioritization, Weekly prioritization, Monthly Prioritization or if you want to walk the extra mile, Yearly Prioritization. Prioritization is not only factored by dead-line, so consider ‘importance’ and ‘urgency’ as variables when you plan.
  1. Peg time limits to your tasks – Review time consumed, time wasted and time saved.
  1. Be ahead – Keep your watch a few minutes ahead of actual time. Now, this might not be applicable in all scenarios. But, it definitely saves you from wasting time in an idle way.
  1. Focus – Focus is not about trying to maintain concentration. It is eradicating all that is a distraction. Consider within yourself what helps you focus and what distracts you and identify how it can be sorted.
  1. Categorization – Try to categorize your activities/tasks elementally. You might be a single parent, blogger, cook, motivational speaker, traveller and an extrovert. It becomes easier to be all of those, if you’re informed as to when you have to, or wish to, be what.
  1. Re-charge – Rest when you must. Nothing affects performance as much as fatigue does. A sound mind and healthy body is something you owe to yourself and the people who depend upon you.
  1. Avoid procrastination – Most people procrastinate because of inverse anxiety over a fear of failing or some potentially negative consequentiality. Brave through that and realise your optimal potential.
  1. Playtime – It is impossible to work all the time and be happy about it; unless you’re a workaholic; in which case, you’re probably not concerned enough to be reading this. After all, a large extent of life is viewed with aesthetic sensitivity. Allocate time for your hobbies, followings and other activities that do not fall under the responsibility or work category. Ultimately, most of us work, so that we can ‘treasure’ life.
  1. Motivation – Never lose perspective. If you can manage that, you will never again find yourself lacking one of the key ingredients to success ‘motivation’.
  1. Balance – Now, this is not about how you balance your work in relation to your personal life. This means to learn to adopt a composed nature. Never fret over things that aren’t in your perspective. Allow yourself to process your emotions before you reveal them; or like you’d say to a child, ‘Think before you speak’.


What more are you waiting for? Focus on your priorty tasks and hand us over the minimal chores. Virtual assistants from Habiliss can help you with efficient time management.

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