4 Valentine’s Day Ideas that Totally Beat a Box of Chocolates

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4 Valentine’s Day Ideas that Totally Beat a Box of Chocolates

4 Valentine’s Day Ideas that Totally Beat a Box of Chocolates

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we bet you’re stressing over what your valentine likes to eat, wear, read, and do. Well, of course you know some or all of these things, depending on how long you two have been together, but the ‘special’ tag attached to Valentine’s Day is enough to send any man and even some women into a tizzy.

Well if you have come to us for advice, as always, our top suggestion would be to give as well as have a wonderful time, stress-free and peaceful on this beautiful occasion. Take this as a chance to show your loved one how much you care and want them to de-stress from their hectic schedule. So here’s our pick of top 4 de-stressing Valentine’s Day gifts that will beat a box of chocolates and teddy (unless you want to be tagged plain boring) hands down!

#1 A Netflix Gift Card: For those of you who like to stay indoors, this makes for a great gift. Curl up on the couch, order your favourite food and wine (or better still, engage in some fuss free home cooking to lend that personal touch to celebrations) and watch something that interests you both. Don’t have a boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse? No worries – you can still catch your favourite TV shows with your friends and family. Valentine’s Day isn’t all about mushy love – it’s more about the joy in togetherness.

#2 A Stay-cation: Don’t have the budget to spend on travel tickets, accommodation, and sight-seeing? You don’t even need it – an increasingly popular and fun form of vacation, called staycation is becoming a global trend.  Almost every city – whether you live near a beach, mountains, or the planes has something special to offer including some beautiful resorts that tourists love to stay at. But often in the pursuit of farther pastures, most of us ignore or under explore our native places. Of course there are so many budget Bed & Breakfasts that you know of, right in your city’s outskirts, where you can spend a night. So this Valentine’s Day, look up for fun things to do and places to stay near home, spend time and make memories, rather than clocking miles on the road or in the air.

#3 A Couple’s Massage: A massage at your favourite spa makes for a perfect valentine gift for more reasons than one. Besides being utterly romantic, massage has ample other benefits in terms of increasing immunity, reducing pain and stress, improving sleep quality, and increasing feelings of happiness and trust by releasing oxytocin – the ‘trust’ hormone.

#4 Some “Me” Time: Indeed the most precious gift you can ever give to a loved one (or even yourself) is your undivided time and attention. There are only a few things that money can’t buy and time and love are sure on the list. So this Valentine’s Day, apart from the expensive pearls, handbags, and fancy dinners, why not spend to make time for your valentine? Wondering how? If your valentine is a new/working mom, busy professional, a start-up owner or just someone who always seems to have an overflowing to-do list, gift a virtual assistant to them. Let them peacefully outsource all their non-core tasks (personal or professional) to their virtual assistant and stay stress-free. Yes it’s that easy and guess what – inexpensive too! There is no better way to help your loved one de-stress and show that you care.

How About Some Self Love First?

We’ve told you this a million times already – you are awesome and so is your life – if only you can make the time to smell the roses. This Valentine’s day, Habiliss is giving away 10% off on any virtual assistant package when you gift it to someone, yourself included. Go for it before the offer expires!

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