5 Reasons to Outsource Internet Research

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5 Reasons to Outsource Internet Research

Outsourcing web research is fast becoming one of the most sought-after tasks today as companies wake up to the significant drain on time, money, and resources this one activity can be. At Habilliss, this is the #1 task in terms of volume that our virtual assistants handle for clients.  Here’s the why, how, and who of it.

5 Reasons to Outsource Internet Research



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  • Luke Wyatt

    Searching something over the internet, it’s fun sometimes to look out for something but then stumbling across so many different websites from which half of them are actually of no use and the information isn’t related to what you’re looking for. Internet research is so much time consuming so I always prefer having it done by my Virtual Personal Assistant. The young guy is fast, reliable and quickly understands of what exactly I’m looking for him to surf over the internet and then compile all the data into a spreadsheet for me.

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