A Sneak Peek into My Day as a Virtual Assistant

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A Sneak Peek into My Day as a Virtual Assistant

A Sneak Peek into My Day as a Virtual Assistant

Is your overflowing workload nudging you to consider hiring a virtual assistant? But you’re not sure how it works and which tasks to outsource? No worries, meet Nandini (second one from your left) – one of our star virtual assistants at Habiliss, who is a favourite with all clients she works for. Nandini will give you a sneak peek into a typical day in her role as a virtual assistant, sharing her thoughts as she goes about each task. Over to Nandini.

Hello there! I’ve been working as a virtual assistant at Habiliss – one of the most reputed virtual assistant services firm based out of India, for 2 years now. I love my job so much and the satisfaction and happiness I get from helping so many people across the world manage their time and energy better is simply too large to describe in words. Here’s a sneak peek into how a typical day at Habiliss goes for me:


Calendar and emails: Checking my outlook calendar (this is an absolute must!) for any urgent tasks/reminders, logging into my clients’ mail accounts, sorting and filing mails for action later, answering mails on my clients’ behalf, and clearing their inbox. For some of my high priority clients, I monitor their mailbox every hour and repeat all of the above steps.

Social media posts: Currently, I am working on social media management for an ecommerce client and every morning, I post my client’s blog (uploaded on their blog page the previous evening) onto the company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages. I also submit on other relevant retail forums to generate traction. I use Hootsuite to schedule my clients’ social media posts and updates to appear at regular intervals during the day to maintain a thriving social presence.

Scheduling: I also schedule appointments and meetings for clients, take confirmations, reschedule if required, and undertake travel schedule management whenever a client is going on a business/personal trip.

Mid-day and Afternoon

After completing my morning tasks, I usually take a coffee break and like to catch up on news or tune in to one of my favourite podcasts during this time. Our company makes sure we get adequate breaks (and also encourages us to listen to motivating podcasts!) but at the same time manage our time very prudently. Anyway, fifteen minutes later and feeling refreshed, I am back at my desk for:

Writing: Once the urgent tasks are off my back, I let my creative juices flow! Having been a content writer for long, I get many requests from clients to write blogs, articles, SEO content, newsletters, product/service mailers, social media content, etc.

Research tasks: A lot of my clients ask me to research market statistics, conduct competitor analysis on products/services, research information on prospective clients and prepare a database, find venue/photographers/caterers for business and personal events, etc. Internet research is, in fact, the most delegated task to Habiliss. I usually spend my afternoon’s google-ing away and compiling all the information in spreadsheets and documents for easy readability.


Most of my clients are in different time zones than mine and evenings are for catching-up face to face!

Meetings: I usually engage with my clients through Skype, Face time, or simply over a phone call. We discuss ongoing work, they give me a heads up on the volume expected in the near future, and I ask my queries, if any. When my clients are unavailable for meetings/travelling, I send them status updates and work summary on mail. That way, when they come back, we are on the same page and take it from there.

Planning for the next day: I open my outlook calendar, jot down my schedule for the next day, set reminders – wake up calls, meetings scheduled, girlfriend’s birthday – client’s not mine! This helps me take care of the tasks that requires reminders or prompt actions at a scheduled time. Always been complimented by my clients for never missing a minute on the clock! J

My days are no doubt filled to the brim but the most interesting part is that I get to don so many hats in just one job – that of an executive assistant, marketer, and the list is never ending! Also, Habiliss Virtual Assistants as an organization believes in a stress-free work environment. I must agree that’s what motivates us to take ownership for our clients and take pride in helping them. Really works in the company’s favour too, eh? Every one of us are highly energized because of our organization’s culture & attitude towards employees and more than that enjoy our work. No wonder we have saved over 7, 20,000 hours for our clients in the year 2016!

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