I Almost Gave Up on Being an Entrepreneur – Until I Chanced Upon the Secret Weapon

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I Almost Gave Up on Being an Entrepreneur – Until I Chanced Upon the Secret Weapon


As a start-up founder of a maternity clothing line, Sarah had decided she would keep her personal life on the backburner for at least a year – till she could get her business up to speed and running somewhat smoothly.  Two months into it and she realized that she had no time not only for personal tasks but she had been neglecting some of her professional work too – mainly because she was constantly on the move hopping from one meeting to another. There were utility bills to pay, emails to take stock of, accounts that needed attention, and much more. Sarah was losing her sanity and could almost see her dreams eroding. An interesting birthday gift from an entrepreneur friend who gifted Sarah a dedicated virtual assistant package with Habiliss changed everything for her.

“My job is make sure you stay stress-free!” – Rajesh, Sarah’s dedicated virtual assistant at Habiliss told her the first time they both spoke. In Sarah’s own words, here’s how her life changed after hiring a virtual assistant (VA):

#1 Freedom from scheduling worries: I hate scheduling – be it business meetings, restaurant or salon visits, or anything else, I find the time spent in scheduling, coordinating, and getting confirmations a complete waste. My virtual assistant, Rajesh, on the other hand, is a pro at it – he manages my calendar effortlessly, juggling things around as needed so I don’t end up waiting up on anybody.

#2 Waking up to perfectly planned meetings: The worst thing about attending a meeting with a loosely-prepared or no agenda is that you can spend endless hours doing back and forth discussions only to arrive at no concrete conclusion. My VA puts in meticulous research before every meeting of mine to put together a solid agenda with clear metrics on what should be the key takeaways from the meeting. He also makes awesome presentations, videos, and podcasts for me, helping me outshine peers at big meetings. All this while I catch some precious sleep – didn’t I already say he’s truly a god sent?

#3 Experiencing the bliss of eating right: Before I hired a virtual assistant, there were several days when I was so awfully busy that the easiest thing I could put off was my meals. With no breakfast, a hurried sandwich for lunch, and often just some fast food takeaway for dinner, the results had started showing on my health – I would be sluggish by mid-day, easily irritable all the time, and by night I was so tired that sleep eluded me. With Rajesh managing all my administrative tasks and even making restaurant appointments for me – there’s been a day I’ve gone without proper meals lately. Sometime back, he even sourced a personal chef for me who now comes home to prepare healthy meals twice a week, which I deep freeze and eat all days.

In case you are wondering how much I pay my virtual assistant for all the ways in which he’s changing my life, let me tell you this. With all the precious dollars I’ve made by being able to focus better on work, not to mention the dollars I’ve saved by paying taxes on time, getting unnecessary charges on my credit cards cancelled, booking trips in advance, cancelling gym and other social memberships I never used anyway – my VA more than pays for his own services. He’s been my weapon to success and it’s no more a secret!

Would you like to bring a smile on someone’s face? Like Sarah’s friend, if you too truly care for someone, gifting them one of Habiliss’ Virtual Assistant packages could be the perfect thing. And because we know how awesome it feels to give, we are giving out a 10% off on all our packages – take your pick now!

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  • Vennie Allemond

    That’s truly a good article. Well done man.

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