Before utilizing a VA – How to check the efficiency of your virtual assistant

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Before utilizing a VA – How to check the efficiency of your virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who remotely assists you to complete pending personal as well as professional chores. We saw a concise on how to choose the best virtual assistant, how to utilize their off-shore services, how a virtual assistant can be helpful to business, and how to plan on what to outsource to them. Today, we will see how to check the efficiency of your virtual assistant.

Set expectations with your virtual assistant: Believe it or not, working with a virtual assistant is simple. Yes, you just need to follow few rules. Define a working time for your virtual assistant. If your virtual assistant is from the other part of the world, then they would be working when you are sleeping. So, create a expectation worksheet that clearly notifies what you want from them. Let them fill as to what the time is taken for each chore. This worksheet can be used as the weekly task list, which would help identify if the virtual assistant is working reasonably or not.

Establish the mode of communication: As we previously discussed, this is an important factor when it comes to remote assistance. At first, you will mail them, and the next step can be using the instant messaging or video conferencing to communicate. Rather than complete communication through mail, after the initial conversation, the rest can be done through Skype or instant messenger tools. This would help you engage yourself with the virtual assistant.

Weekly status report: The weekly status report must match the virtual assistant expectation sheet that we described in step one. This report would help us to quickly analyze and identify any of the potential issues that can occur, well ahead of time.

Change your admin password: This is an easy way to know if your virtual assistant is working or moonlighting. If you virtual assistant is really working, then they will respond immediately that your password is not working, but if they do not send a message within a day or two, there are high chances that you have a lazy person as your virtual assistant.

Follow these simple tips to make sure that you hire an efficient virtual assistant!

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