Before utilizing a VA – How to choose the best virtual assistant:

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Before utilizing a VA – How to choose the best virtual assistant:

One of the major misconceptions people have is that virtual assistants are not as supportive as physical personal assistants. If you are one amongst the people who think a virtual assistant cannot equal the classic type of assistant, then you are highly mistaken. Check below on few points that will help you decide on the best virtual assistant for your business or personal needs:

  1. Professionalism: Who does not admire this word? It is as mandatory as it sounds, truly! It is very important that the virtual assistant treat both the existing as well as potential clients with utmost respect. You can weigh the virtual assistant in terms of who offers the most efficient, fast and reliable services. Another point about professionalism is that you need to check if the virtual assistant will be there to help you as and when needed. For instance, if you are in urgency looking for information, the virtual assistant should readily provide the same.
  2. Experience: An experienced virtual assistant knows his/ her job better than someone who is just new to the field. Run few background checks to make sure that you are hiring a good experienced virtual assistant. You can speak with few before zeroing on the assistant who will work with you.
  3. Skill set: You are investing money and time on a virtual assistant. So, why to hire a wrong person? Determine the tasks that the virtual assistant must perform. Make an interview process with your virtual assistant so that you can scout for the potential virtual assistant.
  4. Background check: Your virtual assistant or the company providing you a virtual assistant will have a website. See how the website is developed, are there any typos or not well maintained and so on.
  5. Availability: When you hire a virtual assistant, you need to know their work hours. Whether your virtual assistant is available full-time or part-time and so on. What time zone is your virtual assistant located in, and will they be able to provide the support as and when it is required? These are some of the questions that you need answers to, before hiring a virtual assistant.

Before choosing a virtual assistant, follow these simple tips to help pick the best virtual assistant. In the upcoming blog, we will see about how to use off-shore virtual assistants.

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