Before utilizing a VA – How to use a virtual assistant for your business

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Before utilizing a VA – How to use a virtual assistant for your business

Virtual assistants, they make our lives easy and balanced. They are someone to whom we can delegate our personal and professional tasks which we mostly procrastinate. Our previous blogs included topics on how to choose the best virtual assistant, and how to utilize their off-shore services. Today, we will discuss on how a virtual assistant would be useful for your business:

A virtual assistant can be of great help to individuals and for businesses, be it small or medium sized. There are a lot of activities that a virtual assistant can help one with. Daily routine tasks, administrative tasks, lead generation activities like blogging, publishing newsletters, submitting articles to specific platforms, creating and maintaining social media profiles. Social profiles can be on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and so on. Your virtual assistant can create and manage these profile pages on your behalf.

Personal errands and administrative tasks are some of the most commonly delegated tasks to the virtual assistants. Tasks that tend to be procrastinated or take up most of your time can be routed to a virtual assistant. Bookkeeping is something which we need to hire an in-house person to complete. This is a myth! You can delegate this to your virtual assistant. Tracking your accounts, payable and receivable will be a tiresome task in a business. You virtual assistant can finish this with ease while you concentrate on something more important. Even for paying your bills, a virtual assistant comes in handy. In case you prefer to pay your bills, then a gentle reminder will be given to you by the virtual assistant.

Your virtual assistant can be your right hand when it comes to implementing a marketing plan, submitting ads with deadlines, tracking the expiration dates, coordinating for the payment, handling the vendors for advertising, and so on. Apart from all this, the virtual assistant can handle event management, research, human resources, data base management, data processing, and so on.

In the upcoming blog post, we will see as to how strategically you can plan on what to outsource to a virtual assistant.

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