Before utilizing a VA – Strategic plan on what to outsource to your virtual assistant
Virtual assistants are people who strive to bring a balance in our life. They complete the tasks that we usually procrastinate or tend to put off. Previously, we discussed on choosing a best virtual assistant, utilizing their off-shore services, and how a virtual assistant would be useful for a business. Today, we will see how to strategically plan on what to outsource to your virtual assistant.
Virtual assistants can basically be used for two different types of chores – one is personal and other is professional. Before you begin to scout for a virtual assistant, bear in mind these things:

  1. Time spent in your professional and personal chores
  2. What are the list of things you procrastinate/think of procrastinating
  3. Some mundane tasks that you need assistance with

After you list out the things to do, work that you put off, mundane chores and so on, zero in on what you can delegate to your virtual assistant. Now this list must include:

  1. A to-do list that needs nothing/less of your attention
  2. Whether the procrastinated chore can be completed through remote assistance
  3. If the mundane chores can be performed without your assistance

Once you get a clear picture of these questions, the solutions become very easy. The virtual assistant would be able to complete your task if you give a clear picture of what you want. Many a times, due to lack of communication and not giving a clear idea to the virtual assistant can result in them dying out slowly. Make sure that you communicate your plan to the virtual assistant clearly, so that you get good and amazing results. In the upcoming blog, we will see tips on how to check the efficiency of your virtual assistant.

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