Business etiquettes – 6 vital business etiquettes one must know

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Business etiquettes – 6 vital business etiquettes one must know

Be it any business concern, irrespective of what the product or service is offered, it is definitely people-oriented. Etiquette should be maintained at all levels in the business, and today, let us see the vital business etiquettes one must know:

  1. Introduction: If you know that the person is already acquainted with the other person, then it holds good to not give an introduction. But, if it is otherwise, then make sure to introduce one to the other, as it symbolizes a formal gesture of being polite. This act will make the other person feel more valued as well as important in front of the unfamiliar people.
  2. Shake-hands: As you all know, shaking hands with one another during a formal business meet is a great gesture. Psychologists say that a firm handshake demonstrates that the person is polite, confident as well as approachable. It does make an extra impact when you offer hands to another person!
  3. Double-check before you send: While sending any subject of communication, be it any e-mails or articles, make sure that you do a spelling and grammar check. Make a quick read to make sure that the meaning and tone you want to convey are clear.
  4. Never go unannounced: Be it a casual chat or a business meet, never go to a place uninformed. It is considered as disrespect when you interrupt other people’s work.
  5. Do not eavesdrop: Everyone is entitled to have their own private conversation. This can happen wither on the phone through call or e-mail or in person. Never stand over someone’s shoulder and hear on to what they talk or type.
  6. Acknowledge others: When someone approaches you for something, make sure you first acknowledge them. If you are in the middle of something, make sure that you speak to them for a minute and then continue with your work. Busyness is never an excuse to ignore people.

In the upcoming blog post, we will check out on the business etiquettes for professionals.

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