Business etiquettes – Business etiquette for professionals

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Business etiquettes – Business etiquette for professionals

Sometimes, professionally when one is requested to socialize, it can be a bit awkward. First and foremost, there would a lot of confusion thinking about how the opposite party is going to react. Given below is a list of business etiquettes that are must for a professional:

  1. Full name: It is mandatory to tell the full name to any person whom one is being introduced to. If the name is too long, then one can consider shortening it before the meeting. One must never stumble while pronouncing their name.
  2. Stand when you are being introduced: Sometimes, when you go as a group of two of more, some other person might have got a chance to introduce you. Make sure that you stand up when being introduced. Standing establishes your presence amidst the others.
  3. Send Thank-You notes to everyone: Saying a thank you often might dilute its importance, but it is mandatory to send a thank you note to everyone present in the meeting within 24 hours of completing the meeting. This portrays one as a people-person!
  4. Never cross your legs: While in a business meeting, one must never cross legs, irrespective of the gender. Crossing legs scientifically pressurizes the veins, and this is one of the reasons crossing legs must be avoided.
  5. Be dressed appropriately: Some meetings might not point a dress code, while some does. Read out the invitation properly, and be dressed to suit the occasion.
  6. Be friendly: Last but not the least; one must make sure that they are friendly. Not overtly friendly, but to an extent that the other person feels warm and comfortable.

In the upcoming blog post, we will have a small discussion about the do’s & don’ts of business etiquettes.

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