Celebrating Colorado Day

//Celebrating Colorado Day

Celebrating Colorado Day

On the 1st of August, Colorado was welcomed into the Union, by the then President Ulysses S. Grant. Colorado is a beautiful tourist spot to visit, and people throng here from all around the world. With perfect climatic conditions, Colorado makes it also a beautiful place to live in. There are not just one, but millions of reasons to love Colorado. As a gesture of goodwill and respect, August 1st of every year is celebrated as Colorado Day.

Colorado Day is celebrated with great fun in the state. Some of them prefer to go about to museums and read the history of the place, while others venture out on sightseeing places. In a bid to rejoice and celebrate the birth of Colorado, we, Habiliss have come up with an exciting offer on virtual assistant subscriptions. The chosen virtual assistant package would have a 15% off as a mark of respect to the magnificent state of Colorado.  If you are pondering over what a virtual assistant can do for you, here is the list:

  • Reminder services
  • Flower delivery
  • Ticket booking
  • Internet Research Services
  • Email & Calendar Management
  • Wake-up calls with current update
  • Calling service companies for repairs
  • Data Analysis/ Entry/ Management

This is just a gist of chores a virtual assistant can perform. There are much more tasks that a virtual assistant can take up! All you need to do to avail this offer is to visit this page, fill the form, enter coupon code and complete registration.

Habiliss, we support your needs virtually. 

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