Climbing up the career ladder using a Virtual Assistant

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Climbing up the career ladder using a Virtual Assistant

You want to move up the ladder in your career but you lack the know-how and the resources to ensure a timely and successful climb. And in today’s business climate that ladder is getting more crowded.
However, with the advances in technology, globalization and organization structures it has also gotten a little easier to find the ladder in the first place, grab hold and start climbing.
When you contact Habiliss a personal dedicated Virtual Assistant who is knowledgable, specifically in career management, will be assigned to help you visualize and execute your climb up the ladder and assist you every step of the way.

Here is what a your Virtual Assistant will do for you as you ascend the ladder to your desired position within your company:

1. Help you identify the skill-sets & responsibilities required for the desired position
2. Identify the key players responsible for hiring
3. Develop a customized strategy
4. Acquire and organize records of your successes, education and experience
5. Keep track of current accolades and accomplishments, then communicate them to your employer
6. Write an introductory email to key associates
7. Make appointments
8. Remind you of your appointments, meetings, networking lunches, etc.

In order to move up the corporate ladder you need to do what is necessary to prove your value as a dedicated and contributing employee. A large part of that is up to you and your job performance and how much you consistently enhance the corporations reputation and success. If you are already doing that…

You need to get noticed!

Your Virtual Assistant will be able to help you identify the qualities and skill-sets that stand out to your company’s hiring officers then tailor an effective strategy to help you get their attention.

Are you ready to start the climb? We’re ready to assist you! Contact us today.

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