Communication – 10 ways to improve your communication

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Communication – 10 ways to improve your communication


Daily chores, relationships, businesses, they all revolve around communication. We saw as to how important is communication for a business and the importance of listening in communication. Today, we will check out ways to improve communication:

  1. Body language: Communication constitutes of 30% words while the other 70% is body language. One can communicate even without speaking. Use appropriate body language and gestures.
  2. Do not use conversation fillers: Although this is an unavoidable thing, do not use a lot of conversation fillers. Usage of um’s and ah’sin sentences can actually make your statement sound less confident. Get rid of this as much as possible.
  3. Have a script: Maintain a script if you are called for a small talk like at a marriage, birthday party and so on. With a script you can sound confident and brave.
  4. Be a story-teller: This is especially important when you give presentations. With bar graphs, pointers, notes filled all around, take your presentation like a story. Stories are powerful and activate the brain cells immediately.
  5. Be attentive: Admit it; we have all got distracted during a conversation! But, when someone does the same to us, we feel frustrated. To overcome this, being attentive is the deal. Ask questions if you have any, focus on what’s stated, this would make you stay attentive as well as improve communication.
  6. Do not use your mobile phone: When someone is conversing with you, do not use your mobile phone. Make sure that you put away technology for a while when you are conversing with someone.
  7. Tailor your talk: The best of the communicators are those who change their conversations according to the audience. Before talking to a person, keep in mind their perspective of receiving your message. Accordingly change your conversations for your co-workers, boss, spouse, kids, and parents and so on.
  8. Follows seven C’s of communication: Be clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous in your communication.
  9. Listen to the other’s viewpoint: Communication is a two-way street. If you want to be a great communicator, then listen to the other person’s point of view.
  10. Write down: Writing down in a meeting or a presentation is a good thing. It lets the other person know that you are genuinely interested in the conversation or the meeting.

Learning these simple steps can help you go a long way through for a proper communication. In the upcoming post, we will go through the basics of how to develop effective communication.

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