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Communication – Listen – key to communication


A very important tool that spins the world is communication. In our previous blog, we saw as to how communication is very important to business. Today, we will check out as to how listening plays a major role in communication. For proper interpersonal communication, listening skills are important.

As a listener, there are a few steps that one needs to follow, to maintain a healthy communication:

  1. Attention: According to a research, 85% of the communication a person does is non-verbal. So, when you do not pay attention to someone talking, it gives them bout of feelings like anger, frustration, and irritation and so on. This strains the relationship. When someone is talking to you, it is always good to look into their eyes and maintain good posture. This would help them know that you are interested in their talks, which would aid for a good communication.
  1. Active listening: This plays a great role in communication. When you listen, you need to do it actively and not passively. Following five are the pointers which need to be kept in mind while active listening:
  2. Receiving
  3. Understanding
  4. Evaluating
  5. Remembering
  6. Responding
  1. Avoid distractions: This is another major factor that comes up when you are listening – Distractions! Yes, we are humans and cannot let our attention span stay in a place for a prolonged duration. When you are in a conversation with someone, try to avoid distractions. If the conversation is not interesting you, try to politely convey to that person. If you are distracted, then excuse yourself out of the conversation, relax for few minutes and get back to listening. You can also improve your attention span by playing memory games.

What happens when you listen carefully in communication?

  1. Conflicts get resolved: Everyone loves to have an ear that listens. When you are in a problem, be it professionally or personally, the first thing in mind is to tell it to someone who would listen to you. In business communication, listening resolves a lot of conflicts. Be it an upset customer, client or employee, when their queries are heard, the situation gets much calmer. Listening increases interpersonal bonding and forms a basis of trust and commitment.
  2. Motivation: Effective listening yields the best results. It benefits both the speaker and business. The better the employer hears the employee and the clients, the easier it is to motivate and yield productivity.

Active listening ensures success and prevents misunderstandings. Personally or professionally, make sure that you listen actively for a healthy communication and relationship.

In the upcoming blog, we will check out on ways to improve your communication.

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