Efficiency – Tips to make yourself efficient

//Efficiency – Tips to make yourself efficient

Efficiency – Tips to make yourself efficient

Efficiency, it matters the most when it comes to productivity. In the previous blogs, we saw a few tips that would make your business efficient and how to use technology to maximize efficiency. In this blog post, we will see tips to make self efficient.

  • Create focus: This is one of the most important things when it comes to efficiency. Only when you create focus you can achieve high productivity.
  • Keep workplace neat: De-clutter your thoughts as well as the workplace so that efficiency is high on your list.
  • Keep a consolidated schedule: Organize each of your day with a to-do list. Make sure that the list is reasonable and able to follow. There are certain tasks that may be mundane yet you need to do it every day. You can make use of the technology, and use mobile applications like Streaks that help you track your tasks.
  • Distraction eliminator: Getting distracted is one of the easiest ways to lose efficiency. Although it is not possible to stick on to the computer for the entire day, but maintaining a schedule to take breaks is necessary. There are applications on the web to help you distract elimination. For instance, there is an app on Google Chrome that enforces a 25 minute workflow followed by a 5 minute break. This means that during the 25 minutes, you can block certain sites that would distract you, like social media and so on.
  • Exercise and keep yourself fit: the fitter you are, the more productive you are. That is exactly the same reason why you are not supposed to slog around in the mornings. Use the extra time to make sure that you do up some exercise or even meditation. You can make use of mobile applications like Headspace that would help you to learn mediation techniques.

In the upcoming blog, we will move on to the next topic that is how efficiency leads to better performance.

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