Exercise at work – Add more activity to your workday

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Exercise at work – Add more activity to your workday

Is your office job keeping you away from workout and exercise? Is your monotonous routine not allowing you to stay ship shape? If your answer is yes, then this article would be an essential read for you. We went through relaxation techniques for stress relief, how exercise boosts productivity and the best desk exercises one can follow at work. Today, we will see how to add more activity to your workday:

  1. Transportation: This plays an important role in staying fit. With the advancement in technology, it has become easier for us to hop into a car and come to office without any hassles. But, this is the place where you spend a lot of time. With almost everyone owning a car, the traffic has crossed limits, and any place, even the nearest location, takes almost 20 minutes of travel time. Instead of a car, opt for a cycle (in case your workplace is near). This would help you burn a lot of calories. If your work place is far off, try using the public transport, and get down a stop before and walk to work!
  2. Stairs: For fitness freaks and those health-conscious peers, stairs are the best way to lose weight or stay in shape. Take the stairs wherever you can, and whenever you can, (unless and until your office is not on the 113th floor of a building).
  3. Lunch hour: Everyone loves to gossip and talk about something or the other during the lunch break. Don’t worry; you need not sacrifice your entire lunch hour to do exercise. If you have 1 hour of lunchbreak, take 15 minutes from the same and do some exercise like quick squats, brisk walk, stretches and so on.
  4. The desk: We already discussed about the same in our previous article. Desk is the perfect place to add more activity to your workday. Do little desk exercise by just sitting in your place, or moving about near your desk. Trust me, this works the best!

These are some of the ways through which one can add more activity to the workday. In the upcoming blog, we will read on how healthy employees make the happy employees.

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