Exercise at work – best desk exercises

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Exercise at work – best desk exercises

The word exercise comes from the Latin word, ‘exercere’, which means to keep oneself busy or at work. But, in reality, we all sit in a chair all day long with no means of movement. In our blog posts this week, we looked at the relaxation techniques for stress relief and how exercise boosts productivity. Today, we will check out a few desk exercises that you can do while at office:

  1. Roof raising: Stand upright and move your hands up as though you are pushing the ceiling. You can make it a little harder by adding a water bottle in each hand.
  2. Triceps march: Just stand in a place and keep marching while bending your hip at about 45 degrees. Bend your elbows and extend them behind as though you are lifting some weight.
  3. Simple stretches: Rather than going elsewhere to do stretches, do the same at your desk itself. Slowly flex your neck forward and backward, side to side, to get a perfect neck stretch. Wrists are the part that gets damaged most often due to the constant use of computers. Roll your wrists regularly every hour or so, so that you can reduce the potential of catching carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. Walk: Every half an hour, just get up from your seat and walk around a bit. You can just walk around your desk and get seated again. Walking for few minutes ensure that the blood flow remains even in your legs.
  5. March: If you are alone, working late in the nights, just get up from the place, and march for about 60 seconds in the same place. Lift your leg high up so that you feel the relaxation in your entire lower body.
  6. Push-ups by your desk: Just get up from your seat, push aside your chair, and do push-ups on your table. This would ensure that your upper body gets its share of workout too!

Desk exercises promote a lot to your work productivity as well. These are some of the desk exercises that you can try to do without affecting your work schedule. In the upcoming blog post, we will read about how you can add more activity to your workday.

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