Exercise at work – Exercise boosts productivity

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Exercise at work – Exercise boosts productivity

Exercise helps us to stay ship shape, everyone knows this. But, we had no clue that exercise boosts productivity. In our previous post, we looked at few relaxation techniques for stress relief, while today, we will see as to how exercise boosts productivity:

  1. Alertness: The vital output from exercise is being attentive and focused. When we exercise, there is an increase in the flow of blood to the brain, which boosts awareness and makes one attentive.
  2. Energy: Exercise generates energy. Everyone must be aware of the fact that when one is energetic they feel awake and fresh at work. Without energy, one might feel sleepy and tired. Small methods like taking the stairs after lunch, or going for a quick 10-minute walk can make a lot of difference.
  3. Improves mental health: When you want to be productive at work, you need to have a sound mental health. Regular exercise can help one to curb the feelings of depression. For people who cannot exercise regularly, they can opt for small desk exercises that improve mental health and in turn productivity at work.
  4. Physical health: Being at your best physical health will make sure that your work ability increases exceptionally. Exercise on a regular basis can aid you with stamina that meets the physical demands of your job. When you have ample stamina, you can meet the expectations that are required for. A 10 minute walk, breathing exercise by the cafeteria can work wonders.

These are some of the many ways that simple exercises can boost your productivity. In the upcoming blog post, we will check out on what is the best desk exercises that one can follow in order to stay fit even with a busy schedule.

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