Exercise at work – Relaxation techniques for stress relief

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Exercise at work – Relaxation techniques for stress relief

As a typical adult, one would sit at his/ her office desk for almost eight to nine hours. Sitting all day just increases our health risks with possibility of obesity, back pain, tense muscles, and so on. To put an end to this, one should begin to exercise at work, which also is a great stress-buster.

The harsh reality of life is that stress can never be avoided. There are practices that one can learn, which would produce a relaxing response, which is a state of deep rest that acts opposite to stress response. The relaxation response applies a sudden stop to the stress and brings both mind and body to a state of balance. There are certain exercises that relieve stress instantly and help you to bring equilibrium to your body:

  1. Deep breathing: The key to deep breathing is to breathe from the abdomen. When you practice abdominal breathing as a stress relief technique, you inhale a lot of fresh air into your lungs. Rather than the shallow breaths from your chest, a deep breath from your abdomen can provide instant relief from stress.
  2. Take a walk: When you are completely out of mind, feeling insane, and totally drenched in stress, all you need to do is to take a walk out of the office campus. Take a 5-minute break alone. Walking outside, coming out of the place can give you instant relief. After a walk, when you get back to work, you will feel amazingly refreshed.
  3. Point of focus: Just go to the place where you would not be disturbed, like the cafeteria, pantry or so on. Meditate with your eyes open or closed, whichever you might feel comfortable with. Meditation here means to feel or imagine a scene, might be scenery, or a meaningful phrase that motivates you, or your family, and so on. Focusing on the point of focus will help one to get relieved of stress instantly.

These are some of the many relaxation techniques that you can use for stress relief. In the upcoming blog, we will read about how a little exercise at work boosts productivity.

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