Exercises at work – healthy employees make happy employees

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Exercises at work – healthy employees make happy employees

Sitting at your desk throughout the day without any physical activity can be harmful for your health. One of the reasons, why we are discussing exercises at work this week. Previously, we read about the relaxation technique for stress relief, how exercise boosts productivity, the best desk exercises and how to add more activity to your workday. Today, we will see as to how healthy employees make happy employees:

  1. Good food: If you are working in a company that provides you food, then you are lucky. Yes, but no. If you are provided with food that satisfies your tongue and cravings, then you need to be alarmed. Have a talk with the human resources department and make a point to get healthy food for the employees. You can have variety of salads, fruits, vegetables and so on in an innovative way.
  2. Have a small recreational area: If your office has a gym or a recreational space, spend some time in either of these options. This makes the employees healthy as well as happy.

So, if the companies have the above, what do they get in return? – Happy employees! Happy employees will deliver:

  • Increased productivity: Healthy employees are energetic and in shape, they create lively work environment. They come bright eyed to work, share good energy and provide value added services.
  • Company morale gets a boost: When an employee is healthy, they boost the morale of everyone at the office. They spread positivity and stay optimistic throughout. They try to cheer and encourage peers to be healthy.

So, if you are running a small, medium or a huge one, make sure that you are trying to provide health goals to your employees.

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