Happy Father’s Day 2017! Happy Father’s Day 2017!
If you believe that ‘work-life balance’ is something only women struggle with, it’s time for a wakeup call.

More often, men are expected to maintain their role as the ‘providers’ of the house, a ‘go-getter’ in their career, and in today’s world, share the load of the household that was once considered a woman’s job. Women have outlets to vent their life balance issues, and perhaps have the collective emotional power to sew a revolution around it. Well, men, even when they have it as rough, hardly communicate and channel their emotions or have any expectations – to be understood or appreciated.

To be a good father figure today, it is not enough to DO everything, one needs to BE everything.

Do you think it’s time to appreciate the man in your life? Be it your ever-giving father, supportive partner, the 24-7-working daddy, the work-from-home daddy, or just an amazing friend you know is struggling to manage his time between family and work, here’s what you can do to take a bit of his load off.

Gift a Virtual Assistant to HIM this Father’s Day! And get 10% off on any package you choose.

*According to the regulations in India, an additional charge of 15% service tax is applicable for subscribers based out of India.