Focus on What Matters Most

Focus on What Matters Most

There is no place for the mundane in busy lives! Wake up and think: How much of your time and effort is spent on mundane tasks? The key to de-stressing and striking a fine balance between work and play lies in managing time. And time is what is scarce.  Most CEOs, high achievers and super busy individuals work hard to manage and find time for everything. They have calls to attend, meetings to go to, events to participate in, think about their strategies, execute their plans, etc. This is apart from their personal lives, family time, and their own time when they would like to indulge in activities they like doing, sleeping, vacationing or working out! When you work hard, you also need to set time aside for play. Sometimes planning your leisure amidst such chaos is painful in itself. And this busy lifestyle results in stress. Almost always.

So, how does one manage to overcome stress? Think of sports captains on the field. Nail biting finishes are part and parcel of their lives. Successful people are those who have mastered the art of delegation. There is an Alfred to every Bruce Wayne. A Jeeves to every Bertram Wooster. A Passepartout to every Phileas Fogg.  Unless there is a trustworthy delegation process involved, leaders would burn out very quickly.

It is noteworthy that a lot of mandatory tasks can be outsourced. A clever man or woman understands that effort expended in these tasks is unnecessary. Preparing paperwork, answering emails and phone calls, maintaining websites, scheduling meetings and a horde of such tasks can be delegated.  Most successful leaders today rely on such virtual help and that leaves them with time to do what they do well. Ideate, create, plan and execute your vision. Focus on your core competency.

Why is a work life balance necessary? A stressful life day in and day out can cause mental and physical fatigue resulting in dilution of work quality. Every one of us needs time for our sleep, recreation, family or simply to unwind by sitting on a beach and admiring the stars above. When there is no time to de-stress, worry lines appear on your forehead and deepen to form creases on your work and personal lives as well. Investing in an efficient virtual assistant can help you rid of mundane and stressful tasks. Mail a client at 5? Done. Remind you of the upcoming call and ask you to prepare for the call in advance? Done! What more? Virtual Assistants work round the clock, take no vacations and are available at your beck and call. There is no geographic restriction either!

Are you overwhelmed with work? You are probably doing it all yourself! Think again, work smart, delegate.

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