Focus Series – Block out the noise

//Focus Series – Block out the noise

Focus Series – Block out the noise

Completing our series on sleep and its benefits, we are moving forward to a new topic today, Focus. I.E. how to avoid the elemental distractions that make focus an attribute to perfection.

Focus – an Ultimatum:

Your focus is considered to be the central point of your attention. Paying attention is not synonymous with focus. Paying “unwavering” attention is.

Although attaining this comprehensively might seem difficult, there are tips and tricks one could follow in order to develop their focus to better address their current tasks at hand. In this article, we will be focusing on the universally elemental component, sound and its impulsive effects on us.

Sound is one of the most influential elements of the universe; therefore, extremely potent when it circumstantially becomes a distraction.


Wearing earphones (with no/low-music being played) will help you block out all sound based input stimuli whilst working on your current prerogatives. This blindness towards all sound based environmental stimuli’s will in return help you truly tap into your qualitative resources. Until you let go of controls, an unwavering thought-process keeps taking you to the utmost depths of perception. So, block out the white noise, take a deep breath and stay focused; because you will be taken to depth.

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