Focus Series – Rationalizing distractions

//Focus Series – Rationalizing distractions

Focus Series – Rationalizing distractions

Pertaining to the discussion of the topic, Focus, we saw how noise block can improve one’s concentration and how to discipline your thought process. Today we will see how to rationilise the distractions and keep improving the focus.

Each one of us have our own responsibilities, needs, tasks, desires and many more requisites that can all be put into one never ending “to-do” list. It is “the-list” that contains everything that you have to do and want to do, be it, immediate future or 10 years down the line.

At any moment of time, if there is significantly distractive yet currently irrelevant stimuli that finds its way to you, the mind uses its ability to sub-consciously prioritize and forces you to address it; mostly while you’re pre-occupied with some other task or job.

Here lies an example. At the end of every month, it is impossible to not think about the bills you’ll have to pay regardless of where you’re at; work or any other event.

But most of the time spent contemplating or (truthfully speaking) fretting with anxiety over such issues or responsibilities one has no control over at that moment of time, only reveals a lack of discipline over one’s thoughts and impulses . The best way is to try rationalize the needlessness of the distraction temporarily by reasoning with it logically.

Tell yourself, “At this moment of time, there is no use of me thinking about it, so I will only focus on the task at hand” – Prioritization.

Keeping a tab on the same topic as a series, we will further see how taking small breaks can improve your focus.

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  • Suzi Wohlfeil

    Oh boy that’s exactly what i’m looking for. I’ve to say that you’re very big and effective.

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