Focus Series – Refreshingly shifty

//Focus Series – Refreshingly shifty

Focus Series – Refreshingly shifty

Focus, being our topic of discussion for the week, we began with how noise block can improve one’s concentration, how to discipline your thought process and how to rationalize distractions.

Staying focused becomes easier when you begin to allow yourself to take periodic breaks based on motivational levels and temporary exhaustion. It also makes it easier for you to catch your second or third wind. How many winds for focus you can conjure up is the measure of your mastery over it.

As you all might know, sleep is very important, i.e. re-charging is vital when it comes to being focused. Exhaustion is the first enemy to focus. Exhaustion brings down your focal parameters when there isn’t sufficient amount of energy feeding those parameters to function effectively. The adverse effect is the reduction of sub-conscious effort/intellectual investment required to maintain the standards of quality you normally do or you best can. The easiest way to solve this is by maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The sound mind will follow.

Keeping a tab on this topic, in the upcoming blog, we will see how to work through frustration to focus better.

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