Focus Series – Thought process

//Focus Series – Thought process

Focus Series – Thought process

Starting the week with Focus as our series of discussion, we saw as to how noise block can improve one’s concentration. It is a difficult ordeal to stay focused on a task that consumes a lot of time to get accomplished; the trick is to reduce the impulse to follow those distracted thoughts that are currently irrelevant to the task at hand.


All of us suffer from distractions, some of us invite it, but most of us can do without it. We will be focusing on rationalizing distractions on tomorrow’s article from this series. For the time being, lets focus on creating a disciplined thought process.

Any improvisation towards your cognition is self-hypnotic (auto-suggestive) by nature. Therefore, real changes or the changes with the most potent effect comes from within you.

To enhance any cognitive process, the first rule is to discipline it.

Disciplined thinking is essentially a consequence of prioritized parameters created to address each task you are currently working on effectively. The easiest way to accomplish this is by first finding out importance of the task at hand and then, address what it means to you.

If your answer to both those questions has significant emotional investment, focus becomes an easier trait to acquire.

Repetition of these steps will slowly make focus an ability you have complete control over. Focus becomes a self-enforced choice rather than a forced-attempt of a process.

Following these, tomorrow, i.e., in the upcoming blog, we will discuss how to rationalize distractions to improve focus.

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