For Everything Else, Thank God there are Virtual Assistants!

For Everything Else, Thank God there are Virtual Assistants!

For Everything Else, Thank God there are Virtual Assistants!

There are only a few things that one can really love doing. Be it in the personal or professional realm, there is a big difference between things most of us WANT to do and those that we NEED to do – to make a living or to run the house, day-to-day business, manage the kids, etc. The good part is, given the booming outsourcing economy, there is hardly anything that one can’t outsource to a virtual assistant. While most of us know of the more obvious tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant – email & document management, corporate administration, online research, procurement outsourcing, etc., let’s take a look at the fun, out-of-the box tasks that can be outsourced too:

Fun (besides all the mundane) tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant

#1 Finding love: Busy people can relate to this all too well. While everyone likes being loved, not all have the time to look for love online, in social events, or on innumerable dating apps. How can a virtual assistant help you find love? He/she can set up your profile on several dating/match-making websites, mobile apps, and register for social events where you are likely to meet like-minded people, filter out proposals that are unfit, so you get to look at a sorted list of deserving prospects alone. In fact, your VA can even do the introductions through email/chat and arrange appointments, helping you save a lot of time and hassle in the process.

#2 Cleaning your wardrobe: Everyone has clothes that don’t fit them/look good anymore but they still occupy a place in the wardrobe simply because of lack of time to clear space/give away things. Now imagine if you could outsource this task to a virtual assistant – right from finding the best maid service to cleanup to even make money from selling your old clothes online? Or better still, you could have them delivered to your local charity/orphanage or to anyone who is needy of clothes, even internationally.

#3 Monitoring your diet and exercise: Everyone has access to online weight loss tips, customized workouts and diets, and even recommendations from experts, but how many of us have the time or will to keep up and follow those tips through our busy work days? You can however, get your virtual assistant to find you a good personal trainer, nutritionist, live-in chef, or even to send you reminders everyday to wake up in time for a morning jog, hit the gym/dance class in the evenings, stay within your calorie limit or gulp that glass of water every hour. Being accountable to an actual human being can be very motivating as opposed to reminders on smartphones that one can dismiss anytime without as much as a pinch of guilt or shame.

#4 Socialize on your behalf – online as well as offline: Being constantly available on social media isn’t just for businesses. Celebrities, authors, inspiring artists, and even college goers are on social platforms all the time – tweeting, posting pictures, streaming live videos, etc. The good part is, you need not take all the headache alone – outsource the tweeting, posting, responding to comments part to a virtual assistant while you enjoy your time making real time connections with people who matter. Have an important social event coming up? Get your virtual assistant to send flowers and gifts on time! Yes you can outsource personal tasks such as these to your virtual assistant too, while do something more productive and interesting to you!

#5 Order your coffee/ dinner/ weekend party: Are you one of those who likes his/her beverages (or food) to be made in a particular manner and delivered perfectly on time? Well then, whatever is your choice, its your virtual assistants job to know it! Get your virtual assistant to get it delivered to your work desk/on-the-go without fail – without picking up a phone or having to order online every day! And yes, you can even have an entire party set up (and take care of the after-party mess) without having to stress yourself over it.

From writing love letters to wedding speeches, creating personalized birthday/anniversary/apology cards and videos, to sourcing designer dresses, making calls to friends and family members on your behalf, and much more – you can count on Habiliss’ expert virtual assistants to do anything that does not require a virtual presence but can bring a smile to your face, brighten your day, and make life all that much more worth living.

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