Four holiday tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant

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Four holiday tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant

Four holiday tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant

Have you ever noticed that despite big bang retail sales and shopping discounts, most people still break into a sweat when it comes to preparing for Christmas and the holiday season? Getting the best of yuletide isn’t as easy as it seems and frankly, most of us are in dire need of an extra pair of hands to get up to speed with the Christmas rush. That’s why having a virtual personal assistant at your side can assure you of a happier holiday season.

Here are four sample tasks you can delegate to a virtual personal assistant around Christmas:

#1 Gift ideas, shopping, and dispatch: The pressure of getting the right presents, dealing with returns, packed shopping venues, and more means gift shopping around the holiday season is far from a fun activity. Studies show that Christmas shopping stress can up the heart rate by 33% – similar to running a marathon and that 60% of shoppers experience festive shopping fatigue after just 32 minutes of the bump and grind. Why risk your health when you can delegate the biggest worry to your virtual assistant? Just hand out a list of people (with little details about what they do, preferences, personal style, mailing addresses) you’re shopping for to your VA and put him/her to the task of finding a thoughtful present for everyone – best deals, returns, shipping included. Your VA can also order and mail holiday cards to friends and family.

#2 Book travel plans:  Clogged airports, long traffic snarls, unavailability of cabs, and not to mention the drastically high prices of tickets, can easily take the joy out of travelling around Christmas and the holiday season in general.  From drinking to praying to using medicines to keep kids calm, studies reveal that travellers are resorting to extreme ways to achieve stress-free travel. One sure-fire way to cut down on holiday travel stress is to get your virtual personal assistant to set everything up for you – book tickets, cab/local travel arrangements in advance, find and book best deals for hotels (inform family and relatives of your travel plans if you are going to stay with them), plan complete travel itineraries with sight-seeing and local activities, arrange currency exchange wherever needed, secure visas, and much more.

#3 Party planning: Entertaining friends and family over the holiday season? It takes a huge amount of upstream work to ensure a smooth party, especially around Christmas. You can however, take the stress out of holiday party planning by delegating most of the preparations to your virtual personal assistant – get him/her to brainstorm party theme ideas, order decorations, plan the menu and shop for supplies, make list of invitees and send out invitations, arrange for games/activities for guests, and much more. You get to sit back, relax, and enjoy your own party without stressing over getting it right! Even if you are not entertaining at your place, a personal assistant can be of great help in scheduling your party travel plans so you get to attend as many invites as possible, to keep friends and family happy.

#4 Find the best year-end tax-saving deals: Who wants to think of taxes when you are in the holiday mood? Well, apparently no one, and that’s probably one of the reasons companies roll out some of the best tax-saving deals around this time. A good way to put your personal assistant to work while you are away – get him/her to research tax-saving websites, find out the best-suited plans according to your income and tax slabs, so you can save significantly.

Staying away from holiday stress needs real work and hiring a virtual personal assistant even for just a month can prove to be your first step in that direction. So what are you gifting yourself and your loved ones this holiday season?

  • Decky Harris

    Holidays can be enjoyed only if our regular activities are planned accordingly. I will definitely use these tips for this Christmas holidays.

  • Christina Joseph

    Being an entrepreneur, I was literally seeking out for help to get my tasks delegated this holiday season. This article seems great and planning to hire a virtual assistant soon.

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