From supermom to superboss – here’s the ‘how’ of playing the work-life balance game smart

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From supermom to superboss – here’s the ‘how’ of playing the work-life balance game smart

Well, not all of us are cut out to wear glamorous clothes and slay monsters (Gal Gadot fan for the record) but for us working women, scraping through a day of work and personal life is as close as it gets to it. No sooner do you take your stilettos off than you find your baby needing a diaper change. If not that, then your dinner has to be made. This is the regular routine for working women in most parts of the world. It is definitely a given that we women do cherish our personal lives as well as our career but sometimes, just sometimes, it becomes too much to handle and we end up getting stressed out and we all know how that phase is. So how do we combat this?

In order to combat the hassles of work and personal life, we need to first know our hassles. Here are the list-toppers and how to fix them.

#1 The hassle: Chores Chores Chores!

As much as we hate to admit it, home chores could be a real hassle in the way of our work. Man or woman, any working professional would like to return to a peaceful atmosphere at home soon after a long day’s work, that is devoid of any chores.

The fix: the best way to combat this is to complete most chores in the morning itself. Sure it could be  a real struggle to give in those few extra hours in the morning but it will go a long way in improving your after work time at home. Return home to a peaceful cup of coffee!

#2 The hassle: Bring work home

Sometimes, it gets to us so much that we are tempted to call it a day at office and carry the rest of the work home so we can complete it there.

The fix: Nah ah! Never do that. Take some pride in never carrying your work home and trust us, it will drastically improve your personal life and how you see it. Your temperament will stay under control and hey come on…expecting your family to stay put just so you could do some office work at home is just not fair. Follow a ground rule – NOONE carries work home!

#3 The hassle: Make a schedule

It’s your anniversary. That presentation also has to be made today. Whew! You get stressed out again. You start wishing time would freeze or that you were gifted with lightning speed. Neither is happening. So what do you do?

The fix: Make a proper schedule. Write it down, put it up on your fridge or anywhere else that is clearly visible to you. Else, if virtual is your way, put it up on your phone. The key here is to make it well in advance. Make sure that you sit down at the beginning and the end of every week to set aside some time and do it diligently. Another noteworthy factor here is that you are well aware as to what can wait and what cannot and can prioritize accordingly. This way, you know well what to anticipate and plan for. Everybody is happy!

#4 The hassle: Just too much to do

Sometimes, there is just too much to do. Your brainbox is threatening to explode anytime.

The fix: Delegate work to people who are can be entrusted with some work. Also, with the occurrence of the digital era, everything can be found and done online these days. Of course, we have virtual assistants to the rescue anytime!

#5 The Hassle: No ‘Me Time’

The fix: This one’s a no-brainer, GET ‘ME TIME’. Set yourself on top priority!

With the kind of superpower we possess, the balancing act comes easily to us ladies, but hey perfectionism is an epidemic today and we are all on top of it. We say, take it easy, plan ahead, work smart, delegate, be nice to yourself, attaining life balance will be a cakewalk soon enough!

  • Fianna Joseph

    A very well written article and I really loved the first point because household chores happens in our day to day lives and I am going to follow the way you suggested hope it will help me!

  • Luke Wyatt

    Hey guys thanks for this brilliant article, very well written. I will surely share these with my wife 🙂

  • Luke Wyatt

    Hey guys thanks for this brilliant article, very well written. I will surely share these with my wife 🙂

  • Julia Getsy

    Making the schedule is something everyone should follow. Just said in this article, I schedule my work everyday accordingly and try to be a super mom.

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