Habiliss Reflections: Our Best of 2016

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Habiliss Reflections: Our Best of 2016

Habiliss Reflections Our Best of 2016

Before 2016 draws to an end, here’s our BIG CONFESSION and that is,


How do we know that? For you said so – yes, it’s the love of awesome customers like you and the fact that we’ve grown in massive leaps – we’ve successfully saved over 7,20,000 hours for our clients till date and counting!

Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 posts of 2016 and if you’ve been following our blogs, you know how our advice actually works.So if you’ve missed out on any of our best performing posts this year, this is your chance to check it out!

#1 Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Wasting Your Time on Google

Love Google-ing anything and everything under the sun? Well, we can understand that but why waste your time and energy doing online research to generate leads, identify prospects, book travel, etc when you can outsource it to the experts instead! Sit back, relax, and get all your data in hand – perfectly sorted, qualified, and presented.

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/heres-why-you-shouldnt-be-wasting-your-time-on-google/

#2 How to Make Sure You Hire the Right Virtual Assistant

Ready to make inroads into personal outsourcing? All you got to do is identify the personal tasks that don’t necessarily require you to be doing them – think laundry, pet care, taxes, email, etc. and just hire a virtual assistant to handle them all. Hey, but how do you get the right assistant and trust him/her? Here’s our two cents of advice.

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/how-to-make-sure-you-hire-the-right-virtual-assistant/

#3 Why Outsource Your Social Media Management to the Experts – 7 Compelling Reasons

Social media spending is expected to account for 24% of marketing dollars by 2020. And nobody wants their dollars to go waste! Besides this, the fact that social media trends change at lightening fast speed means outsourcing it to subject matter experts can translate into time and cost savings, best of expertise, measurable ROI, etc.

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/why-outsource-your-social-media-management-to-the-experts-7-compelling-reasons/

#4 Why and How You Need to Manage Your Energy More Than Your Time

Time management is passé. If you can manage your energy AND renew it periodically, time management, productivity, efficiency, and everything else automatically follows. Check out how to do it!

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/why-and-how-you-need-to-manage-your-energy-more-than-your-time/

#5 A 24×7 Virtual Assistant at a Fraction of the Cost. And How!

The world is beautiful and you should fill yours with love, peace, and happiness. But when you have a zillion professional and personal tasks clogging your mind, how on earth can you enjoy the world!? Breathe easy, we have you covered. And we’re far less expensive than you probably think!

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/a-247-virtual-assistant-at-a-fraction-of-the-cost-and-how/

#6 Getting the Job of Your Dreams is Now Within Reach

Career woes bogging you down? We agree getting your dream job is all about being at the right place at the right time, but you know what – it’s also about having the right skills to do smarter job search. We can help you in personal branding, career mapping, social media profiling, and so much more.

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/habiliss-virtual-assistants-will-help-you-transition-from-your-current-job-to-your-dream-job/

#7 Virtual Assistant for Insurance Agencies

Outsource all your noncore tasks such as lead generation, web marketing, customer care, calendar management, proposal writing, etc so you can focus on providing the best insurance products to your clients.

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/virtual-assistant-for-insurance-agencies/

#8 Must-know Facts About the New Age Administrative Assistant

Corporate administration has evolved – from plain office management to client communication, vendor management, team management, and much more. The anatomy of a new-age corporate administrative assistant is nothing like before – including the new skills, expectations, and even salaries!

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/must-know-facts-new-age-administrative-assistant/

#9 How My Virtual Assistant Put the Care Back in My Healthcare Practice

Healthcare practitioners need time, dedication, and focus to truly deliver the care their patients need. Here, a Los Angeles based doctor shares how hiring a virtual assistant helped her get freedom from administrative tasks of running a clinic, payroll burden, transcription, patient follow-ups, and more.

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/virtual-medical-assistant-put-care-back-healthcare-practice/

#10 Productive Procrastination: The Art of Getting Things Done While Wasting Time

Wasting time isn’t all that bad – and we have science to back it. The art lies in using the ‘wasted time’ productively. Why spend so much time and effort in changing your procrastination habit when you can, in fact, use it to your advantage! Here’s how to be a successful procrastinator.

Read here https://www.habiliss.com/productive-procrastination-art-getting-things-done-wasting-time/

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