Here’s why you shouldn’t be wasting your time on Google!

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Here’s why you shouldn’t be wasting your time on Google!


Working your fingers to the bone is sure to get you one thing – fatigue! And you know that this can lead to a lot of other things such as burnout, depression, chronic illnesses, etc. What’s worse? By working yourself away you are wasting more time than you think.

Working your fingers to the bone is sure to get you one thing – fatigue! And you know that this can lead to a lot of other things such as burnout, depression, chronic illnesses, etc. What’s worse? By working yourself away you are wasting more time than you think. This is because you are not allowing yourself any time to pause and think, to evaluate and rejuvenate your energies, and make suretime and again that you are headed in the right direction. Also, there are those mandatory personal chores you cannot but avoid even when you are already drained out enough. Is there a way out? Of course there is! It is as simple as delegating the tasks that consume the maximum amount of time in your day but doesn’t necessarily need your attention.

At Habiliss, the highest number of requests received are for internet research, both for business and personal. If you are a busy professional or a start-up owner, that means you absolutely need to research and create databases, generate quality leads, and get your hands dirty searching for the nitty gritty details. So do you need the internet and almighty ‘Google’ for researching before most personal decisions you make in a regular day, even if it be as simple as where to eat out tonight! So what do you do? Outsource it to the experts, we say!

You are not meant to be Google-ing

Online research is a very time consuming activity that once explained, can be easily handled by an assistant. Reputed virtual assistant (VA) services such as Habiliss can help you get all the information you need and make sure you get it fast – without spending precious time on it. How? We have in-house SEO experts who can get you all the professional or personal information you need much faster than you’d be able to search it single-handedly. What’s more – our services are available 24×7, so if you need some information first thing in the morning, you can delegate the online research to us while you catch some precious winks.

What kind of online research can be outsourced?

Professional research

Industry research: Get your VA to find out and create a database of information on the key industry players in a specific segment, market size of the industry, expected growth statistics, popular industry events, ncompetitor analysis, create an ideal customer profile, etc.

Get it right and get it fast!

“Being in the event management business, I always need an up-to-date actionable database of prospects information such as their company address, contact details, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter profiles and Rajesh, my dedicated VA at Habiliss gets me all this, way earlier than I could ever imagine to do it myself. Thanks and kudos man!”

Tim Becker, CEO at a music event management firm

Product research: Looking to expand your product line?An assistant can help you explore new products relevant to your business, get specifications, research market demand for these products, create a database of competitors with their market share, etc. to help you make a wise decision.

Social media research: Being a powerful business channel, social media trends make a great impact today. Habiliss has an entire service line dedicated to social listening and has in-house specialists at using relevant tools to search trending topics in your line of business, search and follow conversations that mention your or competitors’ brands, find out trending promotional campaigns that are garnering attention, etc.

Prospect research: Lead generation is a critical part of your marketing and it is important that you have data mining experts at your disposal to locate prospects precisely by researching websites, directories, LinkedIn, etc. With minimum initial training, Habiliss’ Virtual Assistants understand your business, market focus, prospective customer profile, and where to locate them. Additionally, you could also let the assistant help you with CRM maintenance, email marketing, follow-up calling, and lead capturing through social media channels.

Research projects: Need information to complete your thesis or make killer PowerPoint presentations? Outsource the search part to your VA so you focus on the more important part – strategizing, collating and presenting the information in an impactful manner. In fact you can outsource the entire presentation too!

Professional research

Food and travel: Leverage virtual assistant services to find and book the best restaurant meals in your budget, book vacations and travel arrangements, map out detailed trip itineraries, places of interest, and a lot more. When you travelling, it is great to have help at hand and information at the tip of your fingers, 24/7 –just a call or message away.

Home management: A VA can help you run the home front smoothly when if you have a very busy schedule, say, by finding good cleaning and pest control services in your area, finding chefs who can come home and cook healthy meals for the family, finding a good day care for kids/ gift for spouse/place to hold family events and celebrations, etc. There are limitless options online, spending time on reading the reviews and getting the right thing for you family, is now possible.

Personal care: When you are caught with way too many things, the least of your priorities becomes this one person you should actually be– you! Get your VA to help you with self-care, say, find the best personal grooming deals for you, get quotes from different personal trainers or find the best gym in your locality, find the best insurance policy for your needs, etc.

Personal task handled with a touch of TLC

“I had been utilizing Habiliss’ services for professional work such as online research, email management, etc and was happy with the service. When I delegated a very important personal task to my dedicated assistant at Habiliss, I was in for a pleasant surprise! Tasked with helping me fix dinner, my VA ensures I get a list of innovative recipes with all ingredients shopped for and kept ready in time when I reach home every evening. My kids are super happy and so am I!”

Dorothy Hopkins, Shoe Retail Startup Owner

Undertaking the tasks that you are really better off delegating has a huge opportunity cost to it. Outsourcing helps you buy-back the scarcest of all resources – your time and energy as well, so you can spend it in doing what really matters.

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