The Hidden Treasure Trove of Your Business: Customer Database

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The Hidden Treasure Trove of Your Business: Customer Database

What separates businesses that deliver outstanding customer experiences and/or service from others who struggle to get a handle on their customers’ expectations? The answer is quite simple, yet logical – their customer database.

Your customer database is more than just an assortment of email addresses and names, it’s a treasure trove of information on your customers and in today’s customer-driven world, it should be the most valuable asset your company holds. Successful businesses have built fortunes by just getting their database management right and planning and optimizing their business around insights and visions derived from this valuable data goldmine. The beauty of data is that it is useful throughout a customer’s journey – from making the initial pitch to acquiring, retaining and servicing.

How your business collects data, stores and maintains it, and ensures hygiene are becoming increasingly important factors in aligning your sales and marketing goals to reap superior business outcomes. An optimized and accurate database can help you build the right buyer personas and enable highly personalized targeting.

However, database management is no mean task. It requires solid expertise, skills, and focus and any entrepreneur will vouch for the fact that time is the new currency. Outsourcing database management to an expert virtual assistant (VA) can prove to be your best, owing to these benefits:

  1. Subject matter expertise
    VAs having well-rounded experience of database management and knowledge of cross- industry best practices ensure a structured methodology for evaluating and determining the exact level of support and related cost on an individual requirement basis.
  2. Efficient and smooth customer communication
    A well-managed CRM database provides precise information and data that ensures efficient and smooth communication with your customers, backed by exceptional customer service and experience.
  3. Data accuracy
    VAs are known to complete tasks with much greater accuracy (more than 99%) or within the accuracy level specified by the client.
  4. Increased productivity
    Accurate processing and managing of raw data on a consistent and prompt basis will ensure that your company and your employees can devote their valuable time to more critical and core tasks.
  5. SLA adherence:
    Data management professionals are dedicated to guarantee that all the required assignments and tasks are fulfilled within the minimal and least turnaround time. This in turn will speed up your business process competence and efficiency.
  6. Data security and confidentiality
    Reputed VA services providers demonstrate adherence to certain certifications like an ISO 27001, which compels them to ensure that all required practices are in place, at any given point of time, to ensure safe guarding of your sensitive data.
  7. Access to latest technology
    You can take advantage of the latest technology and procedures as your VA vendor will have the updated technology and you wouldn’t have to invest in acquiring these technologies and resources in-house.
  8. Time and cost savings
    When you find the right outsourced vendor for remote database management, you are typically getting more out of your limited resources, and you do not have to spend your money or time in order to hunt and hire an expert for the job.
  9. Round the clock flexibility
    With the help of remote database management handled by VAs, it doesn’t matter in what time-zone you and your business are. You can be rest assured that a whole team is dedicated to solve your problem and shall be available round the clock for your data requirements.

For any business an efficient and well-organized approach to customer database management is the holygrail to success, given today’s hypercompetitive markets. Is your database management strategy cost-effective enough?

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