Why ‘Hiring a Virtual Assistant from India’ Must Be on Your Talent Agenda in 2018

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Why ‘Hiring a Virtual Assistant from India’ Must Be on Your Talent Agenda in 2018

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Picture this –You are a corporate professional working for a financial services firm and in the evening, as you prepare to leave for the day, a notification pops up on your computer screen. Your virtual assistant (who works remotely from India) has logged in. You heave a sigh of relief as you quickly connect with her and delegate all the tasks you have gathered through the day – audio recordings of the two meetings you attended for which minutes of meeting need to be prepared and sent out to all attendees, invoice preparation for the day’s orders, tax filing, bookkeeping, and a few others. With the administrative load off your chest, you finally log off and go home to a peaceful family time and sleep.

The next morning, you have all those tasks completed – right there on your system. Amazing, isn’t it?

The biggest benefit for U.S and European firms of outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants in India is the time difference – they literally get work done while you sleep and businesses are able to significantly accelerate turnaround.

Let’s look at a few other key benefits of hiring virtual assistants from India over any place else in the world:

#1 Cost-benefit advantage up to 78%: For any business and more so for start-ups, labor costs are a prime area of concern, which makes India one of the most attractive outsourcing options for U.S, European, or even Australian firms, given the money conversion factor. Indian currency values far lower than these countries, meaning business from these areas would be paying a lot less to virtual assistants from India than they would to local full-time/part-time employees, and yet for the Indian VAs, it would translate to good income. No exploitation hassles there. Hiring a virtual assistant can translate into 78% costs savings for businesses – stemming from savings in office space, infrastructure, and employee benefits, insurance, etc.

#2 Indians are proficient in multiple languages: Did you know that more Indians speak English than any other language? The number of English speakers in India exceeds those in all of Western Europe, not counting the United Kingdom. And Indian English-speakers are more than twice the UK’s population. Besides English, other popular languages for which Indians train include French, Spanish, and German. It is perfectly easy to delegate tasks to virtual assistants from India, no matter which language a business prefers to deal in.

#3 Access to one of the world’s best talent pool: Whether you are looking to outsource SEO, social media marketing, administrative tasks or tax and accounting, Indian virtual assistants have consistently proven that they are high on skills, technology competence, and professional expertise. The new breed of Indian virtual assistants also have access to the latest digital tools and technologies, making work smooth as a breeze. With a little training and feedback, your VA from India could turn out to be just the right virtual admin head or digital manager, your business needs.

#4 India is the world’s preferred outsourcing destination: Friendly government policies, coupled with a talented gig worker base in India has made the country one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations for companies – be it in the IT and hardware domain, manufacturing, people management or virtual assistance. India’s outsourcing industry is estimated to be worth USD 150 billion, the staggering numbers clearly proving India’s dominance in the outsourcing landscape.

The best way to hire a virtual assistant in India is to partner with a professional virtual assistant services firm – you will be rest assured of cost-effective 24×7 dedicated services, professional etiquette, economical ethics and work quality, and your confidential data and information will be securely handled. So what’s your outsourcing strategy in 2018?

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  • John T Newell

    Yes, its right.

    Its the worlds best talent pool. My VA prepares beautiful presentations in no time where it takes lot of time for me to think and create it. Great Job guys!!

  • Julia Getsy

    I always prefer Indian VAs over Philippine VAs. Indian VAs are more efficient and worth for the money…

  • Fianna Joseph

    Save your time, money & energy by delegating all your tasks to virtual assistants from India because they have unique skills, experience and tons of patience to handle all your requests. Habiliss is one of the best virtual assistant company in India because It has been reviewed by many top popular websites in India.

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