How a Virtual Assistant Can Create Income for Your Business

//How a Virtual Assistant Can Create Income for Your Business

How a Virtual Assistant Can Create Income for Your Business

Innovative companies searching for ways to run their business and save money are increasingly turning to Virtual Assistant Companies.

Take a look at the 10 jobs below that businesses in the U.S. are paying each in-house employee, respectively –


National Median Hourly Wage:

Administrative Assistant – $23.44

Marketing & Research Assistant – $32.14

Word Processor/Typist – $16.55

Receptionist – $12.14

Data Entry Keyers – $13.46

Bookkeepers – $16.99

Correspondence Clerks – $15.86

Customer Service – $15.76

Payroll & Time Keeping Clerk – $17.82

General Office Clerk – $13.58

For these 10 tasks you are paying = $177.74 per hour

Which comes to:

$28,438.40 per month

Seem like a lot to you? It is.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) could be the perfect solution –

For the same tasks listed in our chart above you would be paying only $1.66 per task, or $6.25 an hour for a Dedicated Virtual Assistant. The beauty of this is you are not only decreasing your payroll expenses, but you are also reprieved of the required employee benefits and taxes and extra office space and equipment.

Are you getting what you pay for?

Take a look at what a portion of your payroll is going toward each day, according to

Personal internet use of employees (34%), socializing with co-workers (20.3%) and conducting personal business (17%) are the leading time- wasting activities of the average employee = 71.3% on your clock.

On a typical day, office employees are interrupted seven times every hour, equaling 56 interruptions a day, 80 percent of which is for personal time; this is according to time-management experts. (Wendy  Cole, TIME Magazine)

More than 38,000 people in 200 countries were asked about individual productivity. It revealed that though they were physically present at work five days a week, only 3 of those days were being used productively. Generally speaking, employees use 60 percent or less work hours on work. (Microsoft Survey)

By hiring a company managed VA, you are getting exactly what you pay for – work, completed in a timely professional manner – to your satisfaction.

Another way in which hiring a Virtual Assistant will help create income-

One of the favored advantages of using a Virtual Assistant is your savings in office equipment and space.

How many square feet does an employee take up? Work cubes are typically 8′ x 8′ in size.  In a high tech office it isn’t unusual to have to provide up to 250 sqft. for each employee. Furnishing the space, even with used work cubicles, will cost you around $2,000 each.

Equipment Costs: These days your basic office worker needs a computer and telephone at the least. You can expect to pay $1,000 or more for a computer, $500 to several thousand for software, and initially $250 to $300 per telephone handset on average factoring in installation.

An employer who uses an entire staff of VAs can easily cut back on draining expenses such as rent, equipment and utilities.

But what if I already have the equipment and office space?

When a small business down sizes and hires Virtual Assistant, but must retain office space, the now unused space can be rented out to generate cash flow.

Utilizing an Administrative Assistant literally creates income for you and your business.

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