How a Virtual Assistant can help with Competitive Analysis

//How a Virtual Assistant can help with Competitive Analysis

How a Virtual Assistant can help with Competitive Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are up to and what they are offering their customers gives you a competitive advantage. A Habiliss VA will research your competitor’s websites, evaluate what is working for them, what they are offering, if their site is more user friendly, then compare their findings with the content and functionality of your website. A competitive analysis gives you a clear and necessary picture of where your company stands among the competition.

Armed with this information your Habiliss VA will work with you to make effective improvements in your website, services and products that will live up to your customers’ expectations resulting in higher conversion rates.

What information does the Virtual Assistant use?

Habiliss Virtual Assistants (VA) uses public domain reports, such as the following, to compare your business with your competitors:

  • Competitive Branding and Marketing Reports
  • Website Analysis Reports
  • Search Engine Listing Reports
  • Company Profiles
  • E-commerce Reports
  • Traffic and Volume Reports
  • User Experience and Usability Report
  • Online Popularity Report

After performing an objective competitive analysis based on these reports and competitor activities a Habiliss Virtual Assistant can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business in comparison and suggest what strategic marketing efforts need to be implemented.

Your Online Success

Because knowing your position in the search engines is necessary in determining the kind of changes that need to be addressed for online success, your Habiliss VA will:

  • Conduct research on relevant keywords for your targeted market
  • Perform a link popularity analysis to measure your website’s visibility
  • Create a website analysis report to detect any problem areas

After identifying your strengths, weaknesses, visibility, position, and the unique value of your business and determining what sets you apart from your competition, your VA will work with you to formulate a plan to capitalize on your strengths and suggest ways to improve any areas of weakness causing your business to live up to its full potential.

You will receive a detailed report with benchmarks on when and how to implement the business strategy you and your VA have devised.

To get started on your Virtual Assistant Competitive Analysis, contact us today.

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