How to Make Sure You Hire the Right Virtual Assistant

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How to Make Sure You Hire the Right Virtual Assistant


Personal outsourcing is almost as good as cloning yourself – it allows you to be present at multiple places at the same time, doing multiple things at one go. Outsourcing parts of your life to a virtual personal assistant lets you manage them with ease while you get the time and focus to do what you are really good at. As good as it sounds, here’s the real deal – once you’ve got your past your hesitation to the whole personal outsourcing concept, the single most important factor that can make or break the deal for you is finding the right virtual personal assistant. While skilled assistants can help you lead a happier and more satisfying life, outsourcing your life to the wrong one could turn out to be a nightmare.

Most people who are familiar with personal outsourcing will tell you that success doesn’t come naturally when it comes to working with virtual assistants. Much like other skills, delegating tasks to an assistant is a skill that requires time and attention to learn, develop, and master the technique. Here are four tips to help you find the right virtual personal assistant.

#1 Know when you are absolutely ready to hire a virtual assistant: The downslide begins right at the start when you haven’t got past the notion ‘I can do this better myself’. Before you decide to take on an assistant, you should have personally reached a point where you understand that it is not important whether you should be the one to do the task. What matters more is how you will use the time you free up if you outsource that task to generate more income or more happiness.

#2 Do a background check before you decide: Look out for the assistant’s industry experience, work portfolio, reviews from previous clients, etc. beforehand. Many virtual assistant services lets you interview their VAs. An effective way to gauge a virtual assistant’s skills is to check for his/her references and testimonials, understand their expertise, has the bandwidth to take on a new client, most of all, if the virtual assistant company has backup assistants in case of his/her absence. Don’t forget to ascertain whether you need an experienced or a novice person for the tasks you plan to outsource for this is one factor that greatly impacts the cost.

#3 Professionalism is all the more important here: Since you will be outsourcing personal tasks and your virtual assistant will not be physically around, you need this person to be a thorough professional to entrust them with vital information regarding your life. Most good virtual assistant services have reliable security measures in place to protect client information and employ professionally trained virtual assistants who rank high in availability, service quality, and on-time delivery.

#4 The right match: Most successful entrepreneurs who work with virtual assistants will tell you they hire one based on instinct i.e. how well a particular assistant clicks with them. What they really mean is that they look for how well an assistant relates to their personality and whether he/she comprehends their tasks better, delivers as expected, comfortable with timelines, ready to make adjustments to accommodate time differences if needed and is friendly, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, customer-focussed and confident.

Personal outsourcing is all about buying back your time so you can use it to design your life the way you’ve always wanted. However, if you think you can train any virtual personal assistant to fill your shoes, think again. It pays to give serious attention to hiring the right virtual assistant to get more bang for your buck.

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