How Using a Virtual Assistant Can Create More Time for You?

//How Using a Virtual Assistant Can Create More Time for You?

How Using a Virtual Assistant Can Create More Time for You?

It’s the one thing we need more of and the one thing we can’t run to the store and stock up on – Time.

“If you could make time and sell it – you’d be rich”.  Doing so is becoming more of a reality than you might realize. Now-a-days it’s more than just a cliché in our increasingly digitized world and it is the innovative Virtual Assistant companies who are leading the way in the 21st century in creating more time for business owners to pursue and realize their business objectives.

With the seemingly unending economic downturn the people who are possibly feeling the time-crunch the most are your employees.

It’s an unfortunate fact, but we’re seeing companies’ lay-off employees at a pace not seen in the past year. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, businesses made 1,331 mass layoff actions in November 2011 alone, involving 129,887 employees.

So after downsize, guess who gets the left-over?  “The Downsize Survivors” are burdened with the responsibilities and tasks of those who didn’t make the cut. It’s happening every day in practically every industry and it’s raising the stress level of every employee across the country.

In most cases, employees already feel as though they don’t have enough time in a day to live up to their own job descriptions, let alone those of others; leaving them, understandably; overwhelmed, overworked and overtired.

That’s the Cause – Here’s the Affect:

  • morale goes down
  • work performance suffers
  • affecting  productivity
  • affecting your bottom line

What does all that have to do with, “10 Ways a Virtual Assistant can Save Time for Your Business”?

Pioneering Virtual Assistant Companies are poised  to “stand in the gap” not only for emerging companies or those needing extra help during busy seasons, but with the alarming rate of layoffs across the country; assisting “restructuring” companies and their employees, transition through a layoff.

With the existence of Virtual Assistant Companies, employee stress and the resulting effect on a businesses’ productivity is completely unnecessary and entirely avoidable.

Virtual Assistants can free up the overworked employees’ time, reducing their workload and allowing them to focus on the job they were hired to do.

Editing/Proofreading: Deadlines can lead to mistakes in typing or data entry –  mistakes that can cost you money. A VA can be your employee’s 2nd pair of eyes, helping compile and review documentation in order to catch and correct any errors.

In Administration, gathering information is a part of the job. Another part is documenting and using that information effectively. A Virtual Assistant can help administer this information.

Researching:  Researching is a time-consuming task. It a job that seems to only the assigned employee can handle, when actually it is one that can easily be accomplished by a VA presenting just the information that needs to be known, saving both time and energy. This frees up valuable work time for employees to focus on their own tasks.

Tracking performance: One reason businesses use VA’s, are their ability to objectively track the performance of business initiatives, and also identify trends and issues of concern. Tracking the results of a business initiative can be time consuming and costly. You can hire a VA to keep track of the results of an employee’s methodology, allowing the employee to improve his or her overall performance.

Reports: Workers are often called upon to provide the dreaded: budgets, plans, and reports, putting a strain on their already strained time – understandably a breeding ground for errors. A VA can help compile and proofread documents to spot and correct any typos.

Utilizing a VA allows companies to radically reduce their cost structure which at the same time will improve their service expertise, making them much more efficient at carrying out business.

Accounting, Sales, Payroll, Marketing, IT and other tasks:  Companies experience huge savings in time when utilizing Virtual Assistants in these specialized areas to take on these tasks as well.

Correspondence – How time consuming is that for any employee. Taking the time to answer the phone or respond to e-mail queries, blog comments and questions – causes distractions which take approximately 20 to 25 minutes each then another 10 minutes for the employee to reorient and refocus on the task at hand. A VA can be hired to take care of all correspondence.

VAs can actually do much, much more. In fact, they have been asked to do some pretty strange things!  For instance, one Virtual Assistant was helped a client who was lost in an unfamiliar town. The Virtual Assistant found the client’s physical location in the city and sent a cab to pick the client up.

Outsourcing to a Habiliss allows workers to concentrate on what they were hired and trained to do while reducing their workload and stress levels.

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