Improving efficiency using apps – 30/30 app

//Improving efficiency using apps – 30/30 app

Improving efficiency using apps – 30/30 app


Productivity is directly proportional to focus. When you really have a chore to complete, focus is important. Many of us tend to lose focus, and this is when mobile applications can come in handy. Speaking about efficiency, we saw few apps like Audio Memos, Hshtags and IFTTT, which induce productivity. Today, we will check out a new application called 30/30 app.

We are surrounded with deadlines that we need to meet sooner or later. It depends on what kind of deadline it is. But, not all of us stay glued to the computer or the task that we are supposed to do. Some studies tell us that we have an attention span of 20 minutes, while some say that we can focus only for 5 minutes. The application has been designed in such a way that it increases productivity by organizing and managing tasks and timing, which would help you stay on track.

So, the basic idea of this application is to allow you to create a running list of tasks. Instead of creating a calendar with alarms, you can use this app and build a task list. The 30/30 app is very effective as it empowers to follow and focus on the tasks that matter the most. You can set a timer for 30 minutes each to do a task, and a 10 minute or how much ever you decide to on a break time. This helps you in such a way that you do not over focus on one task, or get derailed in the break time. Overall, graphically, a neat application that is a well-executed timer-based tool for productivity.

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