Improving efficiency using apps – Audio Memos

//Improving efficiency using apps – Audio Memos

Improving efficiency using apps – Audio Memos


In today’s world, technology plays a major role, and forms a sector of almost many professions. With the advent of smart phones, using the reminder has become next-to-mandatory option. Today, let us go through a small brief on how a voice recorder application dubbed Audio Memos helps you in productivity.

The built-in features of the voice memo apps on the phones are not ideal. To complete the lacking features, Audio Memos application was made. This application can control, edit and transfer your recordings. The best thing about this application is that the recording need not be of any limited length. After you have recorded whatever is needed, you can share it via e-mail, or upload it to your computer directly through USB or Wi-Fi. The user interface is very simple, and it helps you to tweak or add whatever you are hearing.

If at all you want to add to what you are hearing already, or insert something in the middle, or add markers at certain points, everything can be done. The other features that make Audio Memos more interesting is combining the recordings as well as attaching pictures to the voice memos while recording. The features are usually very easy to understand, but it is better that you just go through the quick video tutorial to understand better.

With smooth functions and easy interface, Audio Memos is available for the iOS and Android platforms for $0.99.

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