Improving efficiency using apps – Expensify

//Improving efficiency using apps – Expensify

Improving efficiency using apps – Expensify

Expensify - Expense reports App

Efficiency is an important thing when you have a goal to focus upon. Mobile applications go a long way in inducing efficiency. This week, we read a concise about various mobile applications like Audio Memos, Hshtags, IFTTT and 30/30. Today, we will discuss about an application called Expensify.

Expensify is an application that allows you to click pictures of receipts, and the app scans, logs and also creates expense reports for you. For business travelers or anyone who takes a regular travel trip, Expensify might come in handy. Rather than wasting hours together, piling up expense reports, this application comes in handy. Not just for individuals, but also it is a great app for companies.

The scan feature in the application will help read your receipt images, fill out the expenses details and create new expenses. Not just this, but one can also attach an automatically important card transaction. Alongside, we can organize expenses with custom categories, tags, comments, and consolidate everything into reports. You can also sync your credit cards or bank accounts with Expensify, to track expenses as and when they happen.

We just went through a series of how mobile applications induce efficiency. Download these applications and enjoy the benefit of productivity.

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