Improving efficiency using apps – IFTTT App

//Improving efficiency using apps – IFTTT App

Improving efficiency using apps – IFTTT App


This week, our blog posts focus on how mobile applications influence productivity. In the range of applications, we saw Audio Memos and Hshtag app that induced productivity. Today, we will see about an application called as IFTTT. Pronounced as ‘Ift’, this application is one-of-a-kind that was used for the web at first. It was later introduced as a mobile app as well.

IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That,’ which allows users to create connections between different apps and services with one simple statement. The crux of this service known as Recipe is the result of combining two services or applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, calls, messages, and so on, which are called as the Channels. To create the Recipe, the user needs to link in the ‘this’ part known as Trigger, and ‘That’ part dubbed as Action. For instance, if the user wishes to be notified through messages when they get tagged on Facebook, they could title a simple recipe like, ‘If I am tagged in a photo on Facebook, send me a text message.’ Technically, it works on a neat concept that when a Channel is Triggered, the Action is executed.

The application was launched in 2013 for the iOS platform, and contained within it three channels, iOS Photos, Reminders and Contacts. Later in 2014, an Android version of the application was introduced. In 2015, IFTTT was renamed to their original application, IF, and then released a new suite of applications called as Do. The Do apps allow the users to create shortcut applications and actions that are tailor-made.

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