Instagram – How to become popular on social media site Instagram

//Instagram – How to become popular on social media site Instagram

Instagram – How to become popular on social media site Instagram


Become a hit among Instagrammers:

Social media is all about sharing and learning stuff. When someone does something new, it brings them an urge to share it with the public, and social media is the best platform for the same. Social media site Instagram is all about communicating through photos and short videos. There is something called as the “Popular Page” on Instagram. There are various formulas which Instagram uses to determine whose page has to become popular. Not just number of likes determines the popularity, but also new people with few followers also get noticed.  If you have switched on notifications on Instagram, then you will also receive a message if your photo has made to the popular page.

How to get to the popular page:

Your Instagram name speaks a lot about you. A catchy name can garner more eyeballs to your profile. Put your own photo as the profile picture as that makes you more famous amongst your fellow beings. It is advisable for one to choose a theme for their page. For instance, it can be their hobbies or something. However, one can always go off the theme and go in for a difference. A theme would make sure that like-minded people would like and follow you on the social media site. Take photos and use filters appropriately so that your pictures look like that of a pro. Consider downloading a photo editor app, and before adding filters, edit your pictures well to make it look even more wonderful. Try new angles and creative composition for taking photos. Add captions that are funny yet informative. Make sure that you keep liking or commenting on other fellow being’s photos, which would make you more popular. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile, which will get you a set of friends who would be willing to follow you. Respond to people, thank them for the comments, and be courteous, which is sure to fetch you more brownie points and make you popular. Joining contests are an excellent method to get in touch with the Instagram community, while promoting your own photos. Not only that, you can also create your own contest and become an Instagram sensation. Hashtags usage is the most sought for when it comes to likes and followers. This will also help you to get more popular on Instagram. Tell a story that is original, creative and honest. This is an excellent way to keep followers come back to your photo, and page, thus making you more popular.

To get more followers and become popular, another method is to get shoutouts, and best way to do it is to give shoutouts yourself. For the uninformed, shoutouts are nothing but drawing attention to another person’s accounts by mentioning them in a post and asking your own followers to follow them.  The social psychology is that once you do this for someone, they will return you the favor. There is another way that make you or your business popular, and that is through advertising. Consult an agency and buy Instagram followers, which would help you, get more popular.


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  • Monica

    Quality of your pics and your nice behavior with your followers. But actually number of your followers means how popular you are. So, people use apps like zen-promo to get them faster

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