Is your strategy in tune with what’s hot in content marketing now?

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Is your strategy in tune with what’s hot in content marketing now?

Is your strategy in tune with what’s hot in content marketing now

We are half way through 2017 and already neck deep into content marketing (as planned). But content marketing (since it is digital) is ever evolving. Here’s the good news, businesses are getting bigger and better with their content marketing strategies – over 60% of B2B as well as B2C content marketers are more successful with their content marketing than last year.

As we all try and make our content go viral, here’s a quick recap of predominant trends that are shaping the content marketing landscape – to help you craft content that better resonates with your audience.

#1 Creating mobile friendly content

Sounds familiar bordering on being cliché – well even so, can you access your content easily through mobile devices. We all know where mobile adoption is heading. So, it is only logical that all your content is structured in a way that is not just easily accessible on a mobile device but also considering it is content-on-the-go the messaging is crisp, to the point and most importantly perky.

#2 Developing influencer program

Yes, a stunning example is the Kardashian sisters who are helping brands sell their products purely because of their huge and loyal fanbase across social networks.  Influencer marketing has become an important part of content marketing and statistics bear this out – 57% of respondents said that influencer content outperformed their own brand created content.

But you do not have to necessarily partner with a celebrity – if you wish to inspire your audience and ignite your relationship all you need to do is identify the right influencer and have a proper influencer management plan. Moreover, you should try and create great co-content that fits into the overall marketing strategy and bring a sense of coherence.

#3 Creating content that matters

If you wish to stand out against the noise then you need to create content that is purposeful. Developing and publishing content for the sake of it is not going to cut it anymore. Your content marketing strategy needs to be fully aligned with the core purpose of the company to maximize its value.  Like Steven Covey says “begin with the end in mind”, every piece of content that you develop should get you closer to your audience and in turn your final objective.

#4 Getting really personal

As content marketing picks up pace it also gets competitive and to stay ahead of the race, savvy marketers are pushing the personalization envelop further to gain attention and connect. You cannot afford to use personalization as sprinkles anymore. You really need to understand what makes your audience tick and craft your messages in a way that evokes response and encourages them to interact.

We encourage you to consider the prevailing trends, re-evaluate and align your strategies to hit the spot.  Revisit your content marketing to see how you can establish a deeper rapport with your audience.

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